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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Becky K

I HATE stop lights. I jaywalked yesterday and then made a bunch of cars who watched me jaywalk wait for me.



Lack of trees in my area of town.


(Good job on 14. You are my hero.)


We have few sidewalks & even fewer shoulders on our roads, so my list of annoyances has to start with South Carolina roads. Chafing. The runners runs (diarrhea over 6 miles every time). Heat & humidity. Running in the summer in general. No toilet paper in the bathrooms. No bathrooms where I need them.

I have committed to running a half marathon in the fall and maybe perhaps imaginably weather-permitting (big maybe) a full in March in Washington DC.


Toenails - or the lack of them! And blisters.


Knee pain ---- chronic, never ending, unfixible knee pain. Still I am determined.... sore, but determined. Have committed to a marathon in the end of Jan and I am determined to make it through!


Sadly - everything bugs me about exercise (except if I could find a pool to swim laps in). I still force myself, but I never really enjoy it until I know that it is over!

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