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Big Idea Festival

One of my favorite parts of working for Big Picture Classes is the summer class we do every year. It's always something new and unusual and fun—and FREE! This year is no exception:


If you're new to scrapping, or if you've been scrapping forever, this little class is something you will love! Each of the teachers focuses on one word each day (my word is cherish) and shares a layout and some scrapperly advice. Plus, if you sign up (you just have to create your account, put the Big Idea Festival 2011 into your cart, and check out—no credit card required since it's FREE!), you'll get to see a video of me talking about things like thesauruses and babies and dictionaries, AND you'll catch a glimpse of my messy scrapbooking closet and revisit my long hair.

Who wouldn't want to see that?

The workshop starts tomorrow, August 15, so hurry and get registered! If you sign up, let me know how it goes for you!


Monika Wright

I'm signed up and ready to play...even mentioned you here:


Oooh - I signed up, even though I'm not into scrapping. I just can't wait to see you talk about thesauruses (Have you ever seen the picture book called Thesaurus Rex? My youngest loves that book!).

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