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Wednesday, August 03, 2011



The miserableness that is damp thighs rubbing together . . . lol! Even in my super skinniest junior high days, my thighs rubbed together. Acceptance was better than resentment. I love love love swimming! :)

I loved seeing Kendall's photo assignments, and skimming through your July details. Can you believe it's August already? I'm not ready for August.


p.s. When I saw I had one "friends & family" blog post on my google reader, I hoped it was you!


This may be a totally inappropriate comment, but I've always blamed wearing garments for my first year of marriage weight gain. I think I missed out on that inner-thigh-rubbing gauge that kept me in check before. I'm sure it was more of my happy eating, eating, eating, but you never know:)

I've never tried any of the throw-back sodas. They scare me because I used to love, love, love Dr. Pepper. I know diet soda is from the devil, but I'm sort of back into needing the bubbly every day and I just can't stomach those calories.

Your July was awesome! I haven't implemented any kind of electronic restrictions unless I am in some kind of rage due to messes. With summer being over in two weeks, it feels too late. But great idea!


I have quit buying chips because it is way too much temptation. Same with other snack foods. And I seriously need to cut the soda - I am suffering for it.

Love the electronics restriction idea. I need to be stricter. It just has been so dang hot here that being outside has not been an option.

I spent most of July gone. I need to get back on track now that we are home.

Way to go on the long runs! I have been in serious pain. I am hoping a doctor tells me what the heck my problem is!


I'm new here (linked through the Big Picture Festival), but I am now singing out loud, "Getting to know...you...Getting to know all...about you :~D
Glad to make a new friend!

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