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Saturday, September 03, 2011


Becky K

I can't believe Kaleb lost a top tooth! That is amazing!

So glad the kids had a good time at youth conference - it's always better than you think it will be (well, most of the time!)

Thanks for posting the cousin picture - mine sucked so I'm so glad you posted yours!!

I wish I knew our cousins better, too. It would be cool if we were all as close as our kids are with each other. They still all mean a lot to me, you know? Even though we don't see each other often.

I love the monthly update posts. They are kind of just a place marker, but they are fun to look back on. I like to put little details I wouldn't remember otherwise, you know?

Kary in Colorado

Your Write Now class was awesome. I'm not done yet (as my August had a few unexpected interruptions), but I LOVE that class. Thanks for all your hard work, especially during such a difficult time for you. I'm still writing!

Chris S.

Let's not wait another five years for the next picture! In the next one I'd like it to not be right after I've had a baby or cried for an hour ;)

The funeral was very "good." You, Becky and Monte all gave great talks. They were an awesome tribute to your dad and wove together perfectly.

Love the carrot cake, but still can't believe that Haley is going to dances and driving!

Due to Facebook, I actually feel closer to my cousins now than ever before. It's nice hearing what they are doing in their day to day lifes and seeing their kids grow up. We are spread out from California to Boston so I am grateful for technology.


I honestly love getting together and seeing you too! I love our chats and look forward to them when we come down. It makes me happy to know you feel the same way! Thanks:) and you are making me realize just how badly I need to update my blog...

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