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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Sandi Johnson

Amy, you are so right about trusting your intuition. I think sometimes it's hard because we are taught - especially us girls - to be nice and not hurt people's feelings. I think we sometimes carry that to the extreme at the expense of taking care of ourselves. Listening to our intuition is often discounted by others and by ourselves, but I am learning to listen (and I'm approaching 60!).


Tell them about your racing heart next time (hope there isn't a next time). They can give you something else or less. I had the same problem. And yes, you should at least LIKE your dentist!


For me, it is hard to find a dentist that I feel comfortable with. If I change & I don't like them, I have to wait another six months to try someone new. I totally understand dental angst - just the thought of you having to go have work done made my stomach turn - and we're just blog friends. :)


I feel your pain, literally. I drive all the way across Houston (almost an hour's drive) to go to my dentist. I finally found one I really like when I first moved here. I have a huge fear of the dentist and this one is very kind. She works with me and my fear. I never feel silly about my anxiety, the way I had in the past with other dentists. Because of poor dental care when I was young and as a young adult, I have had a number of dental issues which, of course, have done nothing to decrease my anxiety. But the wonderful dentist that I have really helps.


I'm glad to know that I am not the only one that hates going to the dentist. I always have a cavity to be filled so it makes me dread it even more. I just switched dentists and have not had a cavity in the last 3 visits! It is time, however, to go back and the anxiety is returning. {Sigh}


I am not a fan of the dentist either. I had a bad one when I had braces. Even a cleaning is pure torture. I always say go with your gut!


I've done the same thing with not following my intuition. Only it is with childbirth instead of the dentist. I've actually done better at listening to myself on that front but so many choices I wanted to make but didn't and didn't speak up when I thought something should be different and then later realized I WAS in the right....

I'm done having babies so I guess I'll never get to make that one right. I guess i just need to learn from it in other situations. Maybe 40 will be our year to learn Amy. Let's hope. :)

Sean Butcher

Unfortunately, our teeth become more brittle as we grow older. No matter how much we practice good dental hygiene, there will come a time when our teeth will simply give up on us. Expect more trips to the dentist, so I hope you'll get comfortable with him in time.

Eddie Storms

I can relate to this with all my dentist visits. Even with the anesthesia, it's still uncomfortable when the dentist places dental equipment in your mouth. Hehe. =D

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