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Sunday, September 18, 2011



How funny - we just put granite countertops in our kitchen last week. We are eating fast food & using paper plates & plastic utensils because we don't have a working sink & dishwasher. I feel a little guilty for having something beautiful - but the green had to go.

I love your writing - I wish I could say things as eloquently as you.

Becky K

I understand the "shame" of having something nice. When our car got smashed last year and we had to buy a new one, I felt...unworthy. Sure, we'd bought new before, but it wasn't where we were in life then. We bought our used car (that was smashed and I still want to cry every time I see pictures of it) with pride - I loved that car. The new car was almost an embarrassment; yeah, we bought new, but we'd much rather be driving old. But circumstances made it the way it was, not pretense. So I get ya!


I so get this. Really, I do. It's like everything in the house needs to be equally old, warped, and loved. The new pretty thing somehow destroys the integrity of everything else. That's exactly how I felt when I got a new kitchen table.


Thinking about a kitchen remodel - new floor, new cupboards, new countertops, and replacing electric oven with a gas. Been wondering about wood floors - we have tile now. Glad to hear wood floors can take a licking and keep on ticking. Love your blog.


Put wood floors in with our kitchen remodel almost 3 years ago..still loving them.

Kathy Carbone

LOL @ the battered floor! Haha! You're really good in writing. You're right about babies and pets as other factors damaging the floor.

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