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Monday, October 03, 2011


Kate Ware

I love reading your review posts!! And the hubbs and I just went on our annual autumn photography search yesterday, and you are SO right. The colors are amazing this year. We took the Heber Creeper, then drove down Emigration Canyon -- both had really vibrant reds. I've not seen red like that here in years! Kinda fun!

On the air-soft subject. First, I have to say, I don't have children of my own. But, I have plenty of "adopted" ones, and one in particular who happens to be an air-soft freak. And he had exactly what you fear, happen. He and some friends were playing, and his shot went wild and hit one of the boys near his eye. Trip to the ER, eye Dr, the whole bit -- but the kid is OK, still has his eyesight. Personally, I think basic common sense and maybe a sort of "gun safety" run through is in order. Like, wear eye protection when you play (this would be my #one rule, if I had boys). Don't aim at faces. I think there has to be rules, and consequences if they're broken. Guns, of any sort, can be dangerous, if the user isn't knowledgeable or careful. Just MHO.

Also -- on sleeping with your wedding ring. I don't, as a rule. I was breaking out from metal for awhile, and when I slept with my rings (I usually have my hands folded under my pillow) it would make the breakouts worse. So, I had to go ringless. Now, it's habit, but what I don't like is that some mornings, when I'm in a rush, I forget to put it on! *blush* If I could, I would go back to sleeping with it one and just make sure I had it checked a little more often! LOL!

Wishing you a wonderful October and time soon to go take in the beautiful colors!

Kate Ware

Oh, and that spider, bleck!! We get those up here, too. Hate 'em, but they're harmless. (Other than causing anxiety attacks when I find them!)

michele in la

As a whole, my September was a stressful blur...here's hoping October is a wee bit better :).

Homecoming Dances here are in October. This is the first year my son has a girlfriend (as opposed to going to the dance w/ a friend who is female). She goes to a different high school so we will experience our first double Homecoming - oh my!!

And is there anything worse than spending hours in the kitchen, making a healthy tasty meal, just for someone in the family to find fault in it? I voiced my displeasure over this enough times that the "critiques" have mostly ceased.

My wedding band and my engagement ring were completely separate - bought at different stores and times. My engagement ring was always a little loose - enough so that it is easy to remove. I left it that way so that I *will* remove it and not damage the diamond. Now that I'm a stay-at-home mom, I wear it only when I go out some place "nice" (not the grocery or carpool line). However my wedding ring is quite tight - nearly impossible to remove in the heat of the summer. It stays on my finger ALL time. I had c-sections when my children were born and since the ring no longer would come off my finger, I even had major surgery with it (they simply covered it w/ layers of tape). My opinion is that the wedding band is the one that counts (even if it a simple gold band) - it represents 22+ years of commitment.

chris jenkins

Love your daughter's dress! So pretty as is she!

Glad the floor is done - it is no fun living without the most essential room of the house!


That spider scares me to death. We had black widow spiders that lived in garage in California, and I put yours in the same category as those.

I sleep in my rings... but, ahem, I currently also have a bent prong and am waiting until next month when there are less meets for the girls (read = less meet fees means I will have the discretionary income to get my poor engagement ring fixed). I am pretty sure I di the damage in daylight, though.

Took 5 days off from running after my big 50, and pretty much sucked it up tonight when I went : ) I'm going to work on trying to get a smidgen faster this month, though.


in OUR garage. You figured that out, I'm sure.


we've had alot of big spiders that I've never seen before this fall as well. I don't know where they're coming from! yuck. They're brown and they move fast.


Airsoft experience - Bryce just HAD TO HAVE ONE. I think it lasted about six months and then he had it taken away (I even forget what the infraction was). He hasn't asked about them and that was almost two years ago. Crazy, no?

About rings - I never take mine off. John takes his off the minute he gets home from work and sets it on his dresser. For some reason, that drives me nuts.

I don't think I get why sleeping in rings would be hard on the ring - unless I suppose you're punching out your husband in your sleep (ha-ha).

About spiders. Oh, Trevor brought a gigantic wolf spider in a few months back and propped the lid so he could "get some air." What he got was escape. John recently killed a super huge one downstairs, so we're hoping that was the same one. Spiders - yikes!

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