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Tuesday, December 20, 2011





Also, what phone did you get? I need a new T-Mobile phone in the next month or so (or, as soon as I crack the one I have into tiny pieces for driving me batty).



ROFL! Oh my.

Becky K

Tee hee. They are so dang smart!! That is awesome.


my just barely 2 yr old nephew, if able to snag his dad's ipad or phone unawares, can turn it on, open the games folder and play his favorite... angry birds. amazing.

Pamela K.

LOL! And I hear you about going into the "cell phone section of hell". LOL!

buy cell phones

You said that you hate cell phones,but personally in my view I just loved it...I love all its features like camera,music player n other...This post is quiet funny,I liked it..


I love this post! And I hope you have Kaleb's photo on YOUR phone as wallpaper. I have an iphone right now, but when I bought my last T-Mobile phone, the selection was easy - there was only one that fit in the pocket of my new, cute purse. And it was a super cheap phone. I just showed the salesman my purse and said, give me one that fits in here. Only one did, and that's the one I bought.

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