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Monday, January 09, 2012



Totally identifying with the smiling at being called the "Book Expert" - I had a similiar reaction to being told I was "as good as Google" after I'd reeled off a few authors for a patron to try!
And although they're not the same as the books on shelves, e-books do require reading and can transport the reader to the same places as paper pages, so I don't think all is lost (at least I hope not).


I love you, Amy!

I don't know why I'm in a not-so-much phase with reading right now. In part it's because I stayed up too late too many nights last summer when I couldn't put Roots down, and I've just felt too busy since then. I have had phases of intense reading, and some of none at all. Right now I have a shelf of books I want to get through, but don't seem to make time for them. I always put books on my Christmas list. I love owning books and writing in them, and turning down the corners of my favorite parts for next time. In fact, I pulled a favorite off the shelf yesterday and flipped through the pages to find a note I remembered writing in it back in college. I have countless memories of searching for the perfect book for my mood on my mission and in college.

But why I don't read more often now is something I don't quite understand yet. Your post makes me want to figure it out and fix it, though! Wonderful thoughts, dear friend!


I like reading but I'm not a consistent reader. When I start a book, everything else in my world disappears & so do I.

I love GoodReads.com for finding new books to read. I check out what my friends are reading & their sometimes hilarious reviews. Inspires me every time.

Lisa G

Just raising my hand as a fellow life-long book lover. Growing up, if my parents sent me to my room, they had to forbid any reading or it was all pleasure and no punishment! Now as a mom, one of my greatest pleasures is seeing my boys enjoy a book -- that's when I am most sure I'm doing a good job as a mom. Loved what you wrote. Thank you Amy.

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