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{What I Love} no2: W.E.D.

{What I Love} no1

Perhaps this has gone unnoticed on my blog, but I have a tendency towards negativity. Sarcasm. Eye-rolling. If  you tell me your daughter has decided to become an English teacher, for example, and you tell me this with a tone of excitement, I am wont to point out that becoming an English teacher will make your beloved daughter broken and old before her time and dejected by bureaucracy & the apathy of tenth graders and very, very tired when what I should have done is said, in a tone mirroring yours, "Oh! How exciting! When she's ready I'll share my lesson plans with her if she wants!" (Just in case it's not obvious: I feel fairly guilty about that exchange I had with a friend.)

Plus, it's February and I really hate Valentine's Day.

But I am trying to improve myself. I'm trying to change my capacity for spotting the dark side of any coin I am given but searching out the positive. And plus: do I reallywant to be the Valentine's-Day humbug of the world? (Well, actually, maybe I do, but then: that's my snarky side coming through.)

So! In an effort to promote love, gratitude, positive attitudes, and world peace, I have made a challenge to myself: I am going to blog every day in February about something (or someone) I love about my life right now. These are going to be the little things that bring me uncomplicated happiness. (OK, it's me, so there might be some complicated happiness thrown in for good measure. But still.) I might have some days when I blog twice, but every day: something that I love.

Today it is chapstick.

First I have to tell the Chapstick Story. One day last winter, I needed to run into Target before work to grab something that Haley needed. I had approximately 3 and one-half minutes in which to procure the item, but I still had time to notice, while walking to the cash register, something exciting and rare: my favorite chapstick was on sale. As this never happens, I quickly grabbed two out of the bin and added them to my cart.

It was only after I got out to my car that I realized: one of the chapsticks had been opened and used. I could see the lip marks made by a very desperate (or weird) (or possibly drunk/stoned) person who was obviously pretty chappy if you judged by the the deep scratches in the surface.

Can I get a collective "ewwwwww"?

So I dropped the offending chapstick into the cup holder in my car and determined that I would return it to Target that very day, right after work. Which I proceeded to do after my shift was over: walked to my car, got in it, and started to drive to Target. And, as is my habit, swipe on some chapstick. Only the chapstick I grabbed? the one someone else had used.

GAH! I'm certain now that I'll get a great big internet "ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww."

I only made about 1/4 of a swipe before I realized my horrendously icky error and then threw the chapstick across the car. But still. I worried about lip-born disease for months afterward. It still sort of makes me shudder.

So now, whenever I buy my favorite chapstick---which is any of the Burt's Bees varieties---I am very careful with my selection. I make sure the lid is still tightly sealed and that there is no tampering evident in the least.

All scary Chapstick Stories aside, I really do love Burt's Bees. I'd be hard pressed to tell you my favorite, except for I can say that my least-favorite is the plain one. I use the one with sunscreen in it before I go running, so that one tastes like exhaustion and effort and endorphins to me. I like the pomegranate one because I am just an all-around fan of pomegranates but secretly I like the acai one a little bit better (only because of the color of the lid and it makes me feel skinny). And I keep the grapefruit one (which is new!) for special pick-me-up moments when I am feeling dejected. There's just something happy about the brightness of grapefruit that restores my sagging spirits.

I know it's sort of indulgent. It is more expensive than a Chapstick brand chapstick. But so much better! And there's bees involved in a non-threatening way! (Remember that bees freak me out?) And it's all natural and chemical free and no bees were actually harmed in the making of my chapstick.

Yes, it's true: I love Burt's Bees chapstick. And, if you are a local and were wondering: it was mewho purchased all three of the remaining Burt's Bees Christmas tin bundles when they were put on clearance. I now have my two year's supply of chapstick. And yes, I did double check: they are all still tightly sealed.

Tell me: do YOU have a chapstick or other lip product you are fanatical about?



I'm not fanatical about it but I do like Burt's Bees. I've only tried the pomegranate so that's my favorite flavor.
And yes...ewwwwwwww. That is a very scary chapstick story.


Oh yes, I love Burt's, too. I'm going to have to try the grapefruit--yummmm!

I do like pomegranate. I don't love guava, but it'll do (or is it papaya?).

I do like the original plain flavor. I'm less likely to lick that one off.

I want to try acai.

Finding a tinted lipgloss was tough, but I do like the color I finally ended up with.

I love love love Burt's Bees and how much better it is for our lips and how much more effective it is at true conditioning.

I love that you're going to do I-love posts!

Hope your day is great!


What a great idea Amy! I love it and am going to try it myself. Only I've given up blogging so it'll have to be a daily journal entry instead. My first entry? How much I love walking the woof-child Thomas every morning at 7:00 a.m., something that still surprises the heck out of this little Night Owl every time I think about it. I've never tried Burt's Bees chapstick - can I buy it anywhere? Or do I need to hit Good Earth?

Becky K

I have one stick of the Burt's Bees that I am eternally losing and finding. I love it whenever I can find it. :) But I also like the Natural Ice chapstick just because of that hint of menthol.

I love this idea and I'm totally copying. Here's to some love, sistah.

Kasandra Mathieson

Love this story, first thing I read this morning and it made me laugh! I like your idea of trying to blog something you love every day ....will try it but I tend to fail at the every day thing!! Sigh. I have good intentions though.

Chris S

Ok now I need to buy some Burt Bees chapstick! I'm chapstick obsessed and have so many stashed everywhere. I get a lot of freebies from vendors at worK! so I don't have an affinity for a particular brand.

I must admit I said ewwww when reading your story. But it couldn't be much worse than when my kids have gotten a hold of mine before me :)


I also sing the praises of Burt's Bees, however, I am the lip shimmer queen. All the deliciousness, and a hint of color. My favorite shade is Fig. I don't like the taste or cakiness of lipstick, so the Burt's Bees is perfect for me.
PS cakiness is probably not a word.

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