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{What I Love} no5: Black & White Florals

If I had a gagillion dollars lying around wanting to be spent, you know what I would do with it? (After first doing something philanthropic with my windfall, of course, and stocking the kids' college funds and paying off my mother's mortgage.) I would buy all-new furniture, and nearly all of it would be in black and white floral. (In this fantasy my husband doesn't get to have a say.) There would be splashes of solid colors here and there—pink, perhaps, or green. The bedding would be b&w floral, too. Maybe even the towels.

I love it so much.

I've already made a quilt with a b&w flannel I found awhile ago, which is as far as I've gotten in my real-world financials. Well, that and B&w floral scrapbooking paper. And, a couple of years ago when Target had their Liberty of London collection? I confess to buying almost every black & white item in the line. Actually, just writing that list made me feel a little bit better because at least I have some b&w floral accents around!

I can't quite explain why this look appeals to me so much. It simply seems so elegant. Feminine, with the clean contrast and the swirly pattern. And totally unlike my own real world of practical furniture that hides accidental greasy-hand smears or is just holding on for a few more years.

But! As luck would have it, I need new dishes. The hodgepodge of everyday dishes we've used for the past 20 years is finally growing thin. And I have made an executive decision: since Kendell picked out the last set of dishes we purchased together (back in 1992, when we'd been married for just one week, and we went shopping at Linens 'n Things with some of the cash we'd been given at the reception), a completely serviceable set of white plates with red and black rims and an image of a pasta bowl in the center, it's totally my turn to pick out our new set. And here are the dishes I want:

(GAH! Stupid typepad won't upload my image. I've tried for 30 minutes now. Here is a link until I can get the photo to upload.)

Swoon. I love them! Do you have any sort of home decor that is irresistible to your very soul?



Very dramatic dinnerware, Amy - I have dinnerset envy already!

Jill Broyles

Great choice!! I am right there with you on the black and white motif. Happy hunting.

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