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Thursday, March 08, 2012



I agree with some of your points. BUT- I have heard what some of my grown children were taught in high school about sex. If I could choose the teacher who would talk to my teenager, my opinion might be different. But since I can't choose the teacher- I would rather they only taught abstinence and leave the rest to me and my husband.


Excellent rant. I'm just sorry that I can't do anything to help you (I'm in Australia. I'm guessing your governor isn't going to listen to me!)

I truly resent people taking away MY right to choose what's right for me.


Thanks, Amy, for sharing your rant. It's especially appropriate on International Women's Day. I don't live in Utah, but I hope the governor vetos the bill.

(Vickie, you and your husband may provide perfectly adequate sex education in the home. But what about those parents that do not? And what about those children who are victims of incest in the home?)


I love your rants Amy! And once again, I love how you remind me that you can't place anyone in a box based on their religion, geographic location, race, job etc. Thanks for speaking your mind, and realizing that kids have minds (and hormones)too!


Just sent off my letter. I didn't read your whole post (short on time) so don't know if I agree with every word (which doesn't matter), but I certainly agree the governor should veto the bill. I was taught all about condoms & such in junior high in the 80's and the instruction never made me question the abstinence value my parents taught me. I totally agree that not teaching about options will breed more ignorance and will more likely increase the rates of teen pregnancy. Thanks for putting the link!

Megan B.

I agree with you. I am so, so sick of our state's legislature. Anyways, I called. I sure hope that his office is getting bombarded with calls for a veto.

Claudia McDaniel

Excellent post. The bill lacks what your opinion has an abundance of: reasonable logic. We were taught sex ed in school (but the district now has an abstinence program also) and my mom spoke to us about sex and asked that we abstain. We were treated like young adults who could be treated to understand the information we were given and make good decisions. I think we did. I think by talking about sex and consequences we abstained much longer than many teenagers are doing now. My parents weren't advocating for me to have sex by educating me. They were giving me information and still continued to guide us and ask for abstinence. When I finally decided to have sex, we used protection. When I was in college I took the pill. I was 27 before I had my first child. The sex ed, condoms, and pills didn't give me permission or make me think I could have sex with anyone and everyone in every place I wanted. It educated me to make good decisions about whom I had sex with and what we needed to do to protect from disease and/or pregnancy. I believe it made all the difference than letting me go out into the world not knowing anything. We must continue to give teenagers information. It's truly the only way!!

Heather H.

I'm glad I got abstinence-only education at school. My parents were good educators for what I needed and I really didn't want to know anything until I was in my 20s.

But I think students should have a place where they can at least ask questions and get honest answers.

Pat Passamonte

Bravo Amy!

You are really so insightful and eloquent. It's just too bad that logic and reason no longer have a place in politics! I'm with you 110%, and I know that expressing your views took courage.

Have a great weekend!


Yes. This. Pro-choice and pro-abortion are not the same thing. (Why do so many people misunderstand that?!?)I don't even care if teenagers are not having sex, they need to learn about it from something other than YouTube and Hollywood movies. For every parent who carefully sits their kids down to talk to them about drugs and sex and the general woes of the world, there are 10 more who shove it under the rug and pretend it isn't an issue. Or, worse, shut the conversation before it is played out. How many things do we learn in high school that we will never really use in our adult life? Chemistry? The ancient history of Europe and the Americas? Calculus? The point is, it is important to know, even if you aren't using it past the test at the end of the term. I am absolutely pro-sex education in public school. It's a public health issue, not an abortion issue. Call it what it is, don't rant and rave and cause a media fire storm. Goodness.

Thank you for this.

The Mrs.

yes. yes. yes. Yes to all of this. All of these issues have been on my mind lately. And I have finally solidified some things in myself. I'm grateful for Planned Parenthood. I am pro choice. Kids should have ALL the information about sex and it's wrong to with hold it. And I'm Mormon.

Feels like a paradox sometimes. Wish it didn't.

Kasandra Mathieson

What a great post Amy!!! So true....I remember sitting in RS when a wife of one of the Stake Presidency counselors passed around a petition for us to sign to take sex education out of the schools. I was so not happy, number one wrong place to do it and seriously that is an individual choice. Just because we are able to talk to our kids about sex doesn't mean every parent does and most don't....it's just important to know what is being taught. I totally agree with you, teenagers need all the information they can get from an adult that they trust and respect! Good luck from here in Canada!


Here, here!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! (I hope you don't associate with the kind of people that would be upset with you for having thought and opinions.)

There is no way teenagers are going to listen when someone tells them to not have sex. The kids in Utah are already getting that at church and (I assume) at home and we can see how well that's working!

I think when people hear "sex education" they only see the "sex" part and not the "education" part. This isn't someone telling them what positions to use and how awesome sex is, it's educating them on how their bodies (the ones given to them by Heavenly Father) work so they have a better understanding of how to be in control of their own bodies. Heavenly Father made our bodies to like sex. That isn't wrong. Not even sort of. What is wrong is not being educated about our bodies and understanding how they work so we can make better educated life choices.

(Does this make any sense?)

Also, I'm not sure who this Heather H person is and not to try to offend her but she's got to be in the 1% of people who didn't want to know about sex. (Seriously, she didn't want to know until she was in her 20's?!) Clearly she didn't have a hott teenage boyfriend who she thought she loved and who sparked all sorts of feelings in her body. (Again, the body that Heavenly Father created and made to be able to have sparks created.)


I left a comment days ago but must have forgotten to type in the word verification (he he). Anyways, can’t go into it all here but appreciate your post. Parents should have the right and choice to pull kids from classes they believe are counterproductive to their children’s welfare. BUT, middle schoolers and high schoolers need to have correct information about sex, their sexual health and the myriad of consequences about sex. Because some of them are having sex. And some of them have never and will never talk about it with their parents. Mormon kids and parents included.


Hear, hear to all you've said. Like an early commenter, I'm far from Utah and the USA (in New Zealand) so I doubt your governor would listen to me. Sure hope he listens to public opinion though - sounds like that is very much on the side of more rational legislation.

Kary in Colorado

i completely agree with you, Amy. I am in Colorado though, so it won't help your crusade. I am LDS as well, and I'm currently in our ward RS presidency (and have had this position a couple of times before) and if my experience is any indication, there are many long-married women who could use some serious sex education! The idea that these wonderful yet clueless women could give adequate sex education to their teenaged (or preferably younger) children is unrealistic. We as parents need to monitor what the school is teaching, but one thing the school can do effectively is motivate kids to ask their parents questions. There are far too many people who say that parents should do this, and then they themselves don't have the guts to breach the subject with their own children--especially in places like Utah!

Chris Selander

AMEN!! I completely agree with you. The bill makes my blood boil. I wrote to the governor. People need to face reality and realize not everyone has a perfect home life where they are given the information they need.


Looks like Herbert read your blog post:)


I heard on NPR this weekend that the governor vetoed the bill. HOORAY. I was so excited that I wanted to stop the car and text you!


I read this post a few days ago and it I didn't' comment b/c I honestly wasn't sure what my opinions were on the bill. It made me want to know more and I have thought about it a lot. I feel like I am very open with my kids about sex and have told them I'm willing to talk about anything and we have had many conversations in this area but maybe there's other things they want to know and maybe they don't want to talk to me about it.... I don't know. It did cause me to have a conversation with my husband about the bill and my teenage daughter about the bill and what she has learned in school.

Some things I do know are that
I am not pro-choice. I believe the choice to not be pregnant begins with the choice to have or not have sex. of course I know there are situations where girls/women don't make that choice b/c they are abused and then I believe there should be options for their mental health if needed. However, I dont' feel different about you b/c we disagree. :)

I do believe that a teenager should be able to get information from their teacher if they ask for it. I dont' think a teacher should be kept from sharing knowledge.

I do believe that places like planned parenthood are good b/c so many of my friends growing up in California used their services for birth control and although we did live in Ca, it was a small town and our sex. ed in high school was very limited information. no condoms on bananas, etc, I dont' really remember any type of sex ed at all but the girls seemed to be well informed about planned parenthood. THey went for their appointments there and watched films about safe sex and got their birth control pills.

I wish they had made different choices and had higher standards b/c many of them regretted being sexually active in high school. It's so young! However, I'm glad they got some help & information somewhere b/c none of us were getting it from our parents. My parents are wonderful but they were never comfortable talking about sex when I was a teenager. I'm sure for my friends, it was very similar.

Anyway... thanks for your "rant" it was a good one and I appreciate the prodding to become more informed and have discussions with my family.

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