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Random Thoughts from the Past Few Days

(via Francine)

  1. Eddard Stark, I hope that calculating Cersei didn't kill you.
  2. Mary Oliver, your poems are little oases of peace in my life. Thank you for writing them.
  3. What should I do for sharing time*?
  4. Squee! Brooke is having a girl!**
  5. Windows, I think you were programmed by the devil and not actual human Microsoft programmers.
  6. Will my sharing time be long enough?
  7. Seriously: where did that font go?
  8. It is snowing at last! Wait. I knew this would happen: winter would arrive just in time for spring.
  9. My snow crocus are blooming! Color at last!
  10. Will my sharing time be too long?
  11. I miss my dad and wish I could talk to him right now. Really, really talk to him.
  12. I am sick to death of coughing and hacking and having a sore throat and blowing my nose.
  13. It is so awesome, having teenagers.
  14. I miss having babies and I want another one right now.
  15. I'm so glad I don't have a baby right now!
  16. I want a cat. An orange tabby. Or a Russian Grey like Emily.
  17. My kids are awesome & amazing & wonderful.
  18. I am going to take photos of the icicles dripping on the snow crocus right now.***
  19. I should have made better visuals for my sharing time.
  20. I'm so glad sharing time is finished for the week.
  21. Will I ever be able to take my dream trip to the Alps before I'm too old to enjoy it?
  22. I have to do sharing time again next Sunday. What should I do?
  23. What book should I pick for the next SDBBE round?
  24. Please don't crash, because you and all my other babies are in the car together.
  25. I hope I never get divorced because the dividing of stuff is ugly and painful. (Wait! that's not the only reason!)
  26. little donut holes from Costco. little donut holes from Costco. little donut holes from Costco. little donut holes from Costco. little donut holes from Costco. little donut holes from Costco.
  27. Tax return! Already spent...but on something awesome!
  28. I miss you Chris. Stupid cold + helping recently-divorced friend divide up his stuff = let's go in two weeks!
  29. My sister is awesome.
  30. The first drink of water on fast Sunday is the best thing in the entire world.

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*Sharing time = fifteen minute teaching experience for Primary-aged kids (3-11) that is part of my new responsibilities at church, which I haven't blogged over because, well...it's a long story.

**My friend Brooke is the mom to seven boys. She told me last week that she is expecting a girl. I have squeeeeee'd about this approximately 1 million times to myself. In my head. Because she is in Arizona. But I have also squeeeeeeee'd to her on Facebook.

***I did take said photos. But I'm too lazy to go find where Haley put my memory card. Searching down your memory card = one of the less-pleasant aspects of mothering teenagers.

What are your recent random thoughts?



-Portlandia is too funny. I wasted too much time watching it tonight.
-I wonder if I'll hear back on that sketch tomorrow?
-I liked striped leggings. I need to see if I can make some baby leggings.
-My feet are cold. I need new slippers.
-What should I pick for SDBBE?
-I should go brush my teeth.
(Hey, random thoughts are fun!)

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