Random Thoughts from the Past Few Days
My Devices are Not My Religion: an Amy Rant

Today Felt Like Spring

And I think that needs to be celebrated! It was 59 degrees here today, cloudless and windless. Beautiful. The air had that smell of damp earth and greenness starting its return. It reminded me of a line from a William Carlos Williams poem I had forgotten until I stepped outside: The sky has given over its bitterness.

Today was only sweetness and that new raw happiness of coming spring.

Haley, who was accidentally locked out of the house this afternoon for twenty minutes, sprawled in the grass and soaked it in. Spring! Even though it doesn't feel like we ever really had a winter, it still feels good to welcome spring.

The weather brought a desire back to me: I want to go running. I had to work, and I'd already worked out early this morning anyway. But if I hadn't had work, I would have put on some (definitely pink) running clothes and hit the road. I haven't felt the yearning to run for awhile. I've run because I know I should. But not because I needed to. Today, I did. I wanted to go running, and then come home and stretch under my naked trees in the sun, and then do a little bit of gardening. The return of that desire makes me peaceful. It makes me feel normal.

Tomorrow, it's supposed to snow again. Spring in Utah, as the sighing goes around here. This early in March I cannot begrudge the snow. We still need more moisture.

But today, the day that felt like spring—today I was nearly unbearably happy. But in a good way.

In a way I needed.


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