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WCS Mini Gallery

(Thank you for your kind comments about yesterday's post. I'm still processing. I imagine I will continue processing for awhile.)

This month's WCS gallery is up and it's full of mini albums. For my contribution, I finally got around to making an album with my hiking boot photos.

2011 07 31 squaw peak 5x7

Ever since the fall of 2008, I've kept the tradition of the Hiking Boot Photo.
2009 08 30 squaw peak k a h n 5x7

On the top of every peak, I make all the people who are with us pause for a photo of all our hiking boots.

2009 09 06 baldy 5x7

Sometimes I forget and then I have to improvise. Like, this counts as a hiking-boot photo, right?2010 06 30 timp 5x7

As does this one, which only accidentally got my boot in it:

2009 08 16 stewart falls 5x7

I am happy to say that I now have all of my hiking-boot photos from the past 3 1/2 years in this little 5x7 album. It's nearly full, though, so I need to get another one for our next years of hiking adventures. I kept the mini totally simple: the 5x7 photo on the left with the location of the hike added before I had the pictures printed, and a journaling card on the right with the details:

Hiking boots a sorensen layout no1

If you're of the scrappy persuasion, you should go and see the other minis HERE!


Chris Selander

I want to go on a hike with you and have my foot in a hiking boot picture :)


Love the hiking boot photos!! Think I will borrow your idea. Question - where did you get the hiking notes journaling tag - or did you make it?


Love all of those shots. You are a gorgeous photographer.


I love these photos. Now I'm trying to think of something equally awesome to do. I got nothin.

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