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a Night of Omens and (possibly) Answers

when I am bloggily silent...

it usually means there is something I want to write about but can't yet.

That's certainly true right now.

What I want to write about is the night I had with my mother last week, and answered prayers; an enormous moon and a shooting star.

But every time I try, I change my mind. I look at the blank screen, take a deep breath, and then do something else. I balance the checkbook instead. Clean out a drawer of scrapbook supplies. Do a load of laundry.

I want to write what is simmering in me.

But this time I am afraid to, because I don't know what it means yet.

And I can't write about anything else until I write about this topic.

So if I am bloggily silent, you know why: I am trying to find my writerly courage.

Hopefully it will blossom soon.



Thinking of you....hope you’re ok.


Luuuuuv the new adverb and adjective!


Take your time. I'm here when it happens.


I've been thinking about you, too. Hugs, dear friend! It'll come.

Kasandra Mathieson

We will look forward to when you are bloggily open again!

Becky K

Can't wait to here. Sending lots of love in the meantime. :)

Janeal Smith

Looking forward to a great, well-thought-through, well-written post! I will check back often!


I have found that I cannot write anything but book reviews lately. Sadly, for me, it isn't because I'm ruminating over some thing I want to say and say well. For me, it is because the seasonal depression I usually get from January through March, and somehow avoided for two months, has taken a firm hold on me and won't let me go. You write well through angst. I don't write well through depression. It ends up whiney and well ... depressing.


I assume it's a good thing that you're working through...but what if it isn't?? I hope all is well.

Christy Norton Ivory

My Name is Christy Norton Ivory....I am the Granddaughter of Della Morrill, Great grandaughter of Mary Ann Lebaron, Great Great Granddaughter of Mary Ann Openshaw, third great granddaughter of Roger William Openshaw, and Fourth great to ANN WALMSLEY GREENHALGH...
I would love to talk with you about your experiences or ask you chat with you about any information you have found out about her family coming across the plains. I also did the trek this year and was unaware that I had a fourth great grandmother also that survived this amazing experience across...What a cool experience you had. If you could reach me that would be great. I am on facebook under Christy Norton Ivory...Thanks Amy:)

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