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Giving Notice and a Winner

Giving notice on my regular life, that is, as for the next little while me and a few of my kids, my mom and one of my sisters and some of her kids will be here:

Amy cabo 2009

There will be lots of the stuff one does in Mexico on a beach vacation but the thing I am looking forward to the most? ROTB! (Which stands for running on the beach.) I can't wait to zip along in the sand with the surf at my shoulder. Remind me to tell you about my ghetto running shoes when I get back!

I might just blog when I'm there. I neeeeed to write about the other day, when I was called a bigot by a stranger on Facebook. And there's my May recap to do. And the absolutely amazing run I did with Becky this weekend that I am dying to write about.

On the other hand, I might just sit on the beach drinking fruity drinks and reading!

BUT! Before I leave, I need to announce the winner of my blog-hop give away. The random number is comment #27, which was Kary in Colorado who said:


Kary, will you email me your snail mail address?

And now...wish me luck. Because as excited as I am for this trip, I'm also anxious since beach trips do that to me. I can't really relax at the beach unless all of my kids are sitting with me, safely on their beach towels. Once the ocean is actually containing my babies I get nervous!



have so much fun. stay safe babies, stay safe!!!! :)


I also get a little nervous at the beach. I mean, you can't beat the beauty of it and the waves, but it's not as self-contained as a pool. So, I get that. Glad I'm not the only one.

Darius Cartmell

Those feelings you get are probably not just from being so nervous! I think the excitement you have also adds up to that nervousness and gives you another feeling. Actually, you’ll definitely lose ‘em all when you’re at the beach. Running on the shore is one way to free yourself from it! How was the vacation?

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