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Hi! And welcome to the second stop of today's Write. Click. Scrapbook. blog hop! If you are one of my blog regulars, I hope you'll join in the hop for a chance to win some awesome prizes. Or if you're coming from the lovely Alexandra's blog, welcome to my little corner of the Internet! My blog is bringing you the letter

One of the things I love the most about the Write. Click. Scrapbook. team is the camaradarie of a group of amazing women. When I first started scrapbooking, nearly all of my girlfriends scrapped with me. At least once a month, we'd pack up our scrapping stuff (back when I could pack all my supplies in one Rubbermaid box) and go to someone's house to eat, talk, laugh, and scrapbook together. We'd give each other advice, share and swap supplies, and compliment particular bits of each other's layouts.

For one reason or another, though, all of those scrapbooking friends have stopped scrapbooking. We're still friends, we just don't scrap together anymore. (I try not to hold it against them!)  So one of my favorite things about being involved with Write. Click. Scrapbook. is hanging out with other women who scrapbook. And these aren't just any everyday, run-of-the-mill scrapbookers. They are seriously talented! And seriously kind. And funny. And smart. And did I mention talented?

I mean, really. If you're a WCS regular you know what I mean. The ideas in the gallery and the daily blog posts are always inspiring. There is layout advice there, and technique explanations, and even products to win. And it all comes from scrappers who offer their knowledge, skill, and creativity in the spirit of simplicity. We all really do mean what we say: the scrapbooking is about the stories and the photos and the remembering.

This month, the focus of the WCS gallery was Inspiration—more specifically, finding inspiration in the work of other scrapbookers. I was paired up with Erin and drew some inspiration from this layout of hers:

Erin is a genius at mixing patterned papers so that is where the spark for my layout came from. Here's a little peek:

Blog hop sneak peak(Click HERE to see the entire layout, as well as read about my inspiration process and how Erin's layout affected my design choices.)

Now for just a little bit more fun! I'm doing a give away today. Leave a comment letting me know something about your BSF (best scrapbooking friend) and I'll draw one winner. The prize? My current favorite alphabet stickers. (Come on...if you know me, you probably guessed it was likely to be about letters!) You can see them in the sneak peek of my layout—that orange alpha is one I just can't stop using. I'll also toss in a handful of some other surprise scrapbooking goodies.

To continue with the fun, hop on over to Celeste's blog for some inspiration, the next letter, and  a chance to win something else.

Make sure to visit all the blog-hop stops (there are some awesome prizes along the way!) and then stop by with all the letters you've collected at the WCS blog for another win-something opportunity.

And as always, happy scrapping!

PS: A big THANKS goes out to my friend Marnie, who revamped and revitalized the WCS blog for our third birthday. She's amazing & awesome & wonderful! (Plus we were once at the same Peter Murphy concert, 20+ years ago. We didn't know each other then, but that we are now friends is one of my favorite bits of scrapping serendipity!)


Monika Wright

From now on, I'm going to hire you to write my blog posts...your talent comes in so many forms, Amy! Can't wait to see the full layout and yes, it is no surprise at all that you chose alpha's as a giveaway. But, really, how can you part with them?


Amy, I agree with Monika. You have SUCH a way with words. I love that our lives were so interconnected without our knowing!! Makes me certain that we were meant to be friends. Thank you for your sweet words! You are awesome!

Valerie Bishop

Beautiful layout (love your take on Erin's layout!) and fabulous writing!! My BFF scrapping is my daughter - she likes to use my things, but I don't mind at all! I'll share with her!!


I am sad. So very very sad. I have no scrapbooking friends. *sigh* Just me and my computer. Oh! And you!!(Can we be friends?) ;)


My best (and only) scrapbooking friend is really good at distracting me with coffee, thrift store runs and all things shiny. We hardly ever get any scrapbooking done!
Great layout, TFS!
[email protected]

Amy Coose

My BSF has also stopped scrapping. :( I miss having someone to create with. Thanks for the chance to win.


my BSF is awesome! She recently cleared out a room to make it her "Studio" and is sharing 1/2 of the room with me! What other BSF would do that? At least once a year (sometimes 2) we schedule a long weekend and rent a cabin at the state park to scrapbook.

Jill B

Of course you would give away alphabets, that goes without saying!!!! Ha!

My scrapping buddy is my sister, Janet. She is always there with different ideas. Thanks for the chance to win! Have a great day!!


Ooh, your page is lovely and I did one with the same type of subject about a year ago... Yes, change is even more prominent when you have children... I am enjoying the hop so far but I have to say that I don't have a scrapping buddy... I have always scrapped on my own, at home...


I'm a lone BSF moved the lo and thanks for the chance to win!


I met my BFS at a crop at a scrap expo. She is someone I enjoy scrapping with and calling to meet at our fave scrapbook store to crop when we can.

Marg VP

My BSF rocks! I love that we each have our own style. We inpsire and teach ech other as we go along! Love both yours and Erin's page!


My BSF moved away 15 years ago :(
I do it alone now but I still enjoy it!

Karen Moore

I find it incredibly sad that there are so few scrapping these days. There used to be 3 SBing stores within 2 miles of my house and now they're all gone :( I love WCS and the inspiration I find there from all you talented ladies!

alexandra sirugue-macleod

Love to read your prose and love the layout you did!


My BSF is also my IRL BF. I love scrapping with her because I know that I can borrow any tools I need so I don't have to pack them!

faith hope & cherrytea

TY for bringing us the letter 'R'!!
i am coming from the lovely Alexandra's blog, and will happily be "letting me know something about your BSF (best scrapbooking friend)"!
that would be my lovely and talented cousin! always full of enthusiasm in addition to creativity coming out of her yingyang, i have much to learn and faaaaar to go! but she's there cheering me on {and offering kindnesses to completion!}
thx for the opp to brag! and your offer :)

Kathy Martin

You are oh so creative! Love your page title and your letter 'r' is fun! :)


I'm so lucky to have a bunch of BSFs in an on-line group called the Scrapmates. We sometimes meet up IRL too. Our occasional challenges really help inspire me - as do the notes I have from your BPC classes, Amy (three of the best classes I've ever done). Your blog also inspires me by reinforcing what I already know in my heart - that it's the words that are the really important part of a scrapbook page.


I love your layout Amy! The photos are fantastic!

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