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Monday, July 09, 2012



Yah, we may all be prejudiced, but very few of us are bigoted. There is a big difference.

Romney has the capability to recreate all his wealth within a ten-year span. Why did he not, with his money, create a foundation to help those who WORK to become better? This would be in lieu or in addition to government assistance. He could then run on that as a model for all the wealthy to follow and would be a presidential shoe-in as someone who not only put faith in America, but also in Americans themselves.

The issue is that he, like so many others, cannot take that last step and risk living like the rest of us. Alas ...


Romney and all super rich like him make their money at the expense of others, either through low wages, high priced goods or services, tax loop holes, and export of jobs to other countries. If they have more than their fair share it is because they are taking it at the expense of others, it is simple math, if he has more, someone has less.

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