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Monday, August 20, 2012



Yeah.The Olympic make me exciting.I love Diving.


I loved the Olympics this year! Partly it was because my kids were really into it, which makes me happy. My favorite moments:

- Watching Ponor in his semi final. I too was impressed with the winner of the heat exchanging numbers with him. (It makes me want to cry just writing it!)

- watching the 10k track event - it was so exciting! Watching Alberto Salazar's athletes come in together at 1 and 2 was amazing. I loved the look on the gold medalist's face - he was watching from the corner of his eyes to see who was around him. Priceless!

- Missy Franklin. Any event she swam I loved watching. She had so much energy and was so happy - love her.

- All of the swimming. My new-found appreciation of swimming made each event fascinating. I liked the swimmers a tad more than the runners - they didn't look as overheated afterward, and their antics were generally less dramatic. I can't stand watching the sprinters on the track act like gods because they ran super fast. What makes them so cocky? It bugs me.

- I guarded the floor and beam finals just as closely as you did. All of the other events outcomes were ruined by the internet in one way or another so I watched them knowing nothing. It was so exciting! I loved watching floor - the Americans sucked at dancing and had horrible floor music, but the other finalists were so beautiful they made me ache. The Romanian in the blue leotard - gorgeous, even if her floor music did bore her to sleep. And watching the russians dance in their routines - beautiful.

I could go on & on. Loved the Olympics! Still sad that they are over.

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