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Thursday, August 02, 2012


Jamie in AZ

Don't even get me started on "free" benefits and health insurance. We are self-employed, and it STINKS to not have group coverage. It KILLS us financially every month, yet covers nothing unless it is major. (Yet doesn't cover things like out-patient physical therapy. Just in-patient physical therapy.) I could go on and on, but just know I am in complete agreement, and feel your pain.


I think your last paragraph very nicely sums up my thoughts. Ugh.



The American health care system is flawed. And yeah, I am lucky to have insurance...but also, I pay a lot of money for it every month and then my deductible is horrendous. We have it through my husbands work because the one my company offers is even worse. Gah!

And speaking of postpartum hospital stays let me tell you a story about our friends in Berlin who had a baby last year. Not only was my friend Sarah able to stay in the hospital for more then 24 hours, a nurse also CAME TO HER HOUSE DAILY to check up on her and the baby for a month.





That sounds pretty awesome to me. I'm sure there are a lot of us who could have used some nurses advice during those first few weeks. (Of course you didn't have to see the nurse every day. But you could if you needed to!)

Candy M

I totally agree with you!


I agree. It is sad & frustrating. I am glad that we have health insurance - I had a kidney out without & it was horrible. No government help even though my husband was a college student folding shirts at Mr. Mac's. I am glad to have it & fear the day that we have socialized medicine as I might not be "worth" helping or saving. I live in a place with some good doctors & a lot of really bad ones. Let's hope we still have a choice.

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