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Sunday, September 02, 2012


Becky K

I haven't told you: I'm reading Sister right. now. I mean, it's sitting right next to me while I peruse the interweb. I love it and I think of you because I know you read it and because, duh, you are my sister. I love it! (well, as much as one can love a dead-sister mystery book. But I see what you loved about it loud and clear.)

I have the JK Rowling book on hold (does that make me a loser? Not sure.) I am also waiting for the following:

In Between Days, Andrew Porter
In the Shadow of the Banyon, Vaddey Ratner
The Orchadist, Amanda Coplin
Tell the Wolves I'm Home, Carol Rifka Brunt

I will check out a few of these. And - sob - you better not ever be dying of cancer. But I'll totally sit by your bedside and talk about books. You'll have to chase me away!! (But please don't get cancer, please please please!)


I know exactly what you mean. I have 19 books checked out at the moment (the perils of the librarian's privilege, huh).
I have, however, recently redressed the hoarding thing by purging my own book collection, getting rid of two laundry baskets full of books.
I say "getting rid of" but that is still a little theoretical as the said baskets are waiting to be taken to a book sale somewhere. I'm not quite ready to move them out of the house and make the decision irrevocable and I fear that some of the books will not quite make it. Should I refuse to re-look at the contents and just ship them off....??

Anne Swenson

My two newest books:
Light Between the Oceans by ML. Stedman
The People of the Book
They will both keep you up nights!


I confess, I'm a book hoarder as well. I have multiple lists of books I want to one day read. Plus, like you, I tend to check out way more books from the library than I can keep up with and successfully read before they must be returned (even though our library has a very generous renewal policy). So many books, so little time.

Kasandra Mathieson

Amy...this made me laugh especially the come. sit. ignore life!! Sooo true, I love to read and like to have lots of books on hand, on hold, on my nightstand so I can choose what to read! But it's September and because I teach Seminary, I deliberately don't go to the library because I know if there are books calling me I won't study, lol. So it's back to cool magazines with short articles for the next few months....as well as scriptures of course!! But I will be bookmarking this post for book ideas for the Christmas holidays.....

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