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Thursday, September 13, 2012



Excellent insight! Plus, I also watched your big idea about the Happy Ever After on Big Picture Classes today, and I have to say - you are me! You know what I mean... I have the exact same "issues", the Happily Ever After syndrome I could call it. Your big idea was extremely insightful and helpful to me, and very eye opening. So, THANK YOU! I've never seen your blog before, but I am going to subscribe ASAP. Nice "meeting you"!

Kasandra Mathieson

Thanks for this reminder Amy! So true ...and so often if I'm in the picture my eyes are closed! So lately, whenever I ask someone to take a picture I ask them to take two but that seems kind of "vain-ish" too but I make myself do it or otherwise I will have a picture of me that I can't use!!


I am on a weight loss journey and because I want to document it, I am becoming less shy about asking for my picture to be taken. While we were camping recently, I fell through a cattle guard. My husband rushed over to help me and I quickly handed him the camera so he could take a picture of me in that glorious position.
I also loved your Big Idea video. Your words spoke to me and will help me get through some issues I'm having right now. Thanks.

Becky K

You know me, I love the self portrait. (Although, with my phone & being able to actually SEE the picture now before I snap it I'm getting self-conscious of how I look...is my nose really that crooked??) But, yeah. I just swallow my pride anymore and ask - take my picture. Even though I feel silly. Even though it seems vain. You know what happens if you don't.

Seriously LOVE the photo of you on your hike. Gorgeous - mountains, sky, terrain, you!

Nancy M

I just viewed your entry today on BPC... and printed the transcript... and printed other entries you've made on your blog... and now bookmarked your blog for future reading. You've done so much for me today in the past hour... thank you!


Your Big Idea video was SO good, Amy. I have been a visitor to your blog, and enjoyed your work at BigPicture and WCS. Your "Happily Ever After" insights were especially thought provoking. So many women struggle with this. Thanks for such a wonderful Big Idea. By the way, you looked really wonderful for your "close-up" ... and lots of us WILL buy that book. So get busy!


I'm not in the frame enough, but I'm trying to get more pictures that include me. Shadows are great - OK, so it's only the outline, but it can tell a story and you can take as many shots as you need to get it right.
I'm also trying to use the self-timer more; this is more difficult as it invites feelings of self-consciousness; however I'm trying it when I'm alone and just tell that inner voice that says 'this is stupid' to hush up. I got a great photo of me shelving in the dungeon (ahem, I mean stackroom) a few months ago, not something I'd ever be able to ask anyone else to hold the camera for!

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