Whirlwind Week
Just Call Me Elaine

Currently: October 29

  • Humming my October 29 theme song, Susan Vega's "Left of Center."
  • Drinking hot chocolate and wishing I hadn't scalded my tongue.
  • Worrying over my Write Now! class, which starts on Thursday—will anyone sign up? If they do will they be happy with the class?
  • Working on a long to-do list: schedule dentist appointments, go to the fabric store, get a copy of my birth certificate, go to the bank, finish a layout, swing by the scrapbook store, go to Target, and probably 123 other things I am forgetting.
  • Wondering what else I am forgetting—my brain fuzz feels especially bad right now.
  • Reading the fantasy novel Tigana, which I started as an audio book that I listened to while driving last week, and deciding that while I like audio books, I still love true books better.
  • Hobbling around. My legs are sore from the race, my back is sore from carrying the back pack in Disneyland, and my shoulder is sore from being crunched by Jake when we were riding Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.(tee hee.)
  • Wishing Kendell had brought the camera to Saturday's finish line.
  • Remembering myself 22 years ago today. (It's a long story.)
  • Beginning the process of doing something that has both thrilled and terrified me for nearly 22 years, and hoping I am making the right choice. (Forgive my crypticness!)
  • Getting off the computer so I can get stuff done!

What's current in your world?




I definitely prefer true books but audio serves me in a pinch and I really like them while driving.

Hate scalded tongues:(


My husband has passed his car on to Bryce to drive to school. I am mourning the loss of my Monday and Friday errand drives in John's car, where I could listen to audio books. There is something about a good narrator for books where an accent matters that really blesses me.

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