Grief is a Conglomerate Stone
on my desk (A Sneak Peek)

Right Now

favorite t.v. shows: Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey, CSI New York
other shows I watch: Grey's Anatomy, CSI Las Vegas, Person of Interest, Law & Order: SVU, Castle, America's Next Top Model (my guilty pleasure!)
anticipating: the start of The Walking Dead, the release of The Hobbit in December, teaching a class on journal keeping in a Relief Society meeting, my last half marathon, our trip to Disneyland, finally getting to the top of the hold list for the books Gone Girl, The End of Your Life Book Club, The Round House and The Light Between Oceans
reading: The Cove by Ron Rash, The Sisters by Nancy Jensen
things that make me happy: the mountains this fall are the prettiest I have ever seen, and the leaves in the valley are just starting to change; seeing (and helping) Haley prepare for her future, which is about three seconds away; the fact that Kaleb still calls me "mommy" and wants me to pray with him; seeing Nathan sitting on his bed drawing in his sketchbook; Jake, who seems happier now than he was in the summer
eating: sugar for the first time in two months, although I am not sure I want to go back and think I am eating cookies out of psychological habit rather than true desire; coconut chicken curry, which I can finally make without buying the Vermont Curry mix from Many Lands (anyone want the recipe?); pumpkin anything (except, of course, pumpkin pie, which I don't love; I recently tried a pumpkin empanada and discovered it is like a piece of fried pie; the inside-out styling didn't change my response)
seasonal stuff: I love having the Halloween decorations out, especially the two Catrinas I bought in Mexico and last year's quilt; there has been very little discussion of Halloween costumes so far, perhaps because Kaleb decided months ago he'd be the werewolf; love running in the fall weather, whether it's cool or warm; October makes me remember Jeramy in a sharper and different way than any other month, because it has so many days that remind me of the last day; not looking forward to Thanksgiving yet, perhaps because it hasn't been chilly enough for me to feel like it's on its way
working on: an essay about library books, Kaleb's dinosaur quilt and a zig zag quilt for Jake's new bed (inherited from Grandma Beth), some layouts and videos (gulp!) for my Write Now! class, last bit of training for my half marathon
new songs I love: "Too Close" by Alex Clare, "Oh Love" by Green Day, "Colours" by Grouplove, "Headlights" by Morning Parade, "New York" by Snow Patrol, and "Kill your Heroes" by AWOLNATION
stressing about: college scholarships, being better at family home evenings, whether or not I've trained enough for the half (between the funeral and the cleaning out of Beth's house and then a week in California, I'm thinking not) the next few weeks of Primary, Christmas, should I buy life insurance or not?, politics, including both national (the future of our country seems dismal to me) and local (one of our city council members seems determined to ruin our town) (as one of my co-workers said: I'm ready for the political season to be over so that I am not angry all the time)
What about you? What's happening in your Right Now???



I want the recipe I LOVE coconut curry! I'm very excited for your class too. American's next top model is my guilty pleasure too, but you have a few weeks off because they are trying out a new show. Oh well. Have Haley meet with a missionary at the Employment center to help her with scholarships. They are a HUGE help. 8018186161 to schedule an appt with a scholarship missionary or call Sam at 8014141894

Pamela K.

I would LOVE the recipe for your chicken curry! Please share!

Becky K

I am reading The Orchardist (which I started on the drive home) and I love it. So beautiful and sad.

Trying to think that I am ready for the race, but am not convinced. And yet today I was super tempted to sign up for the Haunted Half this Saturday, just so see how it would go...

Glad that my singing days are behind me. Although I did have a bit of fun watching the crowd at conference yesterday. It's awesome to watch people trying to stay awake during church. :)

I want to know more about the quilt you inherited. :)

I hope you are doing okay.


We don't watch any of the same tv shows, interesting... We're mourning the end of yet another season of Project Runway, and we watch Boardwalk Empire as our Sunday night TV date. That's it for me, though my friend loaned us Downton Abbey to watch soon. Do I have to like tea to like it? Because if so, I might be in trouble.

I am nearing the end of a two month contract job at the library here, and as fun as it's been, I'm ready to pull my focus back to inside my house and all the work that needs to be done here--both good-old-housework stuff and photography/class stuff.

Reading Sarah's Key for my book club this month, Graveyard Book for Maddie's, and getting ready to start A Discovery of Witches for next month's book club. In the middle I am reading as much J-fiction as I can squeeze in, just because I like it an awful lot. : )

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