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Whirlwind Week

You know that feeling you have when you walk on the rolling walkways in an airport, when you're going faster than you could on your own and the windows beside you continue to hold still, so if the walkway is long enough you almost get dizzy from the contrast of speed and stillness, of moving and not moving?

Yes, that. That feeling is exactly how my last eight days have felt. Nearly too fast for me to fully grasp. Like this:

  • Saturday I was up by seven because I wanted to get the house clean before we left on our trip. You know how you think, ah, it'll only take a few hours, and then all of a sudden it's 11:00 p.m. and you still didn't finish everything? Yep. I did get quite a few pockets of clutter cleaned, though. Got everything packed and organized and into the car, ready for the next day.
  • On Sunday we got up early and were on the road to California by 7:15. By "we" I mean Jake, Nathan, Kaleb, and me; Haley and Kendell both had classes they couldn't miss. Four of us meant we could take the car instead of the van (a blessing, really, with gas at $4.70 in some places). It's a little bit gutless, the Corolla, so along the long hills I felt like I was pushing the car up the incline. It was a strange drive; along the way I dodged an actual, real, enormous tumbleweed; a black, bulging garbage bag which I hope held garbage and not body parts; a truck topper (you know, the thing you put on top of the bed of your truck to turn it into a camper? just lying there at an angle on the freeway); an entire tire; a garbage can; and, just by the Scipio exit, cows. We made it though!
  • Monday: Disneyland. It opened at 10:00 so we could sleep in a little bit, but my inability to sleep well in a hotel coupled with Kaleb's sturdy internal clock meant I was up at 6:30 anyway. We do amusement parks as thoroughly as we can, meaning we're there when it opens and we stay until it closes, trying to get in as many rides as possible.
  • Tuesday: Disneyland. The hotel we stayed at is about one mile from the Disneyland gate, but we walked past the Monorail station. Since we didn't quite make it out of our rooms in time to be at the gate when it opened, we rode the Monorail into Disney instead. Then we ran to Space Mountain (my favorite Disney ride) and rode it three times, the line was so short.
  • Wednesday: Disneyland. We used our Magic Morning pass to get into the park at 7:00. Which meant we were up EARLY.
  • Thursday: we didn't really have to be anywhere, but we wanted to go to the beach. So we didn't sleep in, but got up, ate, packed, made a side trip to Target, and then found Newport beach. You might be from Utah if you spread out your beach towel just right, sit down, and then start thinking....hmmm, I don't remember the beach being this stinky and then realize that you've set yourself up twenty feet from an enormous and very dead seagull. Moving towel...
  • Thursday afternoon: We left the beach at 3:15, stopped for a quick bite, and headed to Vegas. Oh. My. Goodness. This was the worst drive I think I've ever managed. The second we got on the freeway we were in traffic and the traffic lasted all the way to the other side of the San Bernardino mountains. Past Victorville. Then when we got to Nevada, there was construction and an accident in Primm and construction by Jean and another accident outside of Vegas. It took us SEVEN HOURS to drive 271 miles. I was a mess by the time we made it to Circus Circus!
  • Friday: I did sleep in a little bit on Friday. The Circus Circus rooms were surprisingly nice—remodeled and clean and spacious, which helped me not feel hotel anxiety. Plus Jake very kindly entertained Kaleb by watching a movie with him—they used the laptop and headphones so I didn't hear a thing. Once I woke up (at the oh-so-late hour of 8:30), everyone showered and we left. We went to NY Pizza & Pasta, a little restaurant we discovered when we were in Vegas in June and the kids have been talking about ever since, then hit the road. The drive was both traffic- and weird-things-to-dodge free!
  • Back in Utah at about 6:45, I got some laundry started, called my health insurance to sort out a prescription problem, cleaned out the car, and then drove to Lehi with Kendell so I could pick up my race packet. Ate dinner at Thai Village, came home and got ready for my race in the morning.
  • On Saturday I was up at 5:15, stressing about what to run in. Becky picked me up so we could run the Halloween Half marathon together. As I had only run a total of THREE TIMES this month, and as I was pretty much running on empty by that point, I had fairly low expectations of my race: run the damn thing and finish under two hours. My final time: 1:59:24.
  • Kendell had to be somewhere at 11:30, so I grabbed my finish-line water and fairly lame bag of chips and we rushed off from the finish line. I showered and we ran to Costco and then he dropped me off at work. After work we hung out with the plumber! because our toilet was leaking, and then we went to dinner with a friend. And then I could relax, at last.

Last night when I tucked Kaleb in to bed, I asked him to not wake me up this morning. He obliged, I slept until 9:15, and even though I'm sore almost everywhere, I feel better for a good night's sleep. I feel, in fact, like I have stepped off the rolling walkway. Normal speed ahead.

(Except for: Halloween. and the quilting projects I need to do. and then Thanksgiving. and then Christmas shopping and decorating and...)




Nancy McMahon

What a week! Your {home} bed must have felt wonderful :) and congrats on the run, that is awesome... I am doing a 10k in two weeks, maybe next year I will try a half.


I feel your pain, sister. Not the same activities, but exactly the same craziness going on for me too!


Wow - this post made me tired and all I've done for the past week is hang out with a broken-armed invalid (who is pretty sweet in the patient department).

Glad you had this wonderful memory-making experience (even if it included horrendous traffic and road obstacles - those are story fodder, aren't they). Sleep well this week!

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