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Wednesday, November 07, 2012



You expressed my thoughts very well.

My sardonic phrase is, "America is becoming an Obama-nation." It's hard to have hope in him or his plans.


This summarizes my thoughts well, too.

What a mess we're in.


I had a similar Tuesday (and Wednesday) night, and similar feelings to most of yours listed here.

Sigh. Is it 2016 yet?


Becky K

I wish I could put my thoughts into words the way you do. I hated this election and I feel powerless to change anything. I think our problems are bigger than one man, and yet that one man still will influence our lives in ways that we haven't realized.

I join with Heidikins. Big sigh.


I'm in the opposite camp and what bothers me is the vitriol that is being spewed on Facebook. One person even said that people who go to church voted for Romney and people who don't go to church voted for Obama. Ummm...I go to church! I just have a different view.


Ew, I'm glad I'm not on facebook. More than not loving Obama, I really dislike that sort of hatred. Makes me regret my comment above. I don't want to be in that camp.


Great job articulating my shared sentiments. So fearful for our country's future and yet so powerless to do anything to change it.


One thing I love about your writing is how well you articulate what I am feeling but can't find the words for. I (like so many others) had a similar experience (only I made the mistake of watching the election outcome and then couldn't sleep). I really do want to trust Obama, but after experiencing him for 4 years I just ... don't. Can't. I hope he proves me wrong, but I fear he won't. I also can't shake a feeling of "the beginning of the end of something."


Wow, I also had that sense of doom and I couldn't shake it. I thought it was just me! My husband thinks we have slipped down the rabbit hole with Alice.

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