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Monday, November 05, 2012



Looking at the United States election from the perspective of a small far away country (that will be affected by the result, because the rest of the world inevitably will be) I think your summary of the two candidates' positions rings true (cynical or not).

When asked in a university lecture for examples of an oxymoron, one of the first suggestions from students is always 'honest politician'. Sigh. Would that it were not so, but I'd make that suggestion right along with them.


I am with you, Amy (and I love that line of that song). Your summary (fracking vs. debt) describes my thoughts, too. Yikes! Oh, I have more to say, but I'd better get ready to go vote. Love you!


I think that's a perfect song to think about. you know that saying about being willing to cross the aisle but for the past...forever, nobody has? Well...I am in the aisle. I don't see either side as having all of the answers and I feel like I'm on an island. No one passing over, paying attention to me in the middle. Just happy with their big, bully groups over on their sides. It does make it hard to vote because...well...it's a toss up.

What I don't get and I have seen in abundance this election is appointing rock star status to a candidate. I can get supporting a candidate and believing they are the right choice but getting in a tizzy because you shook their hand or their wife's hand or any of their children (literally...a tizzy!) is mind boggling to me. And I think really, quite dangerous for a candidate. Nothing is more dulling to the sense as adoration.


I agree! I voted a few days ago. But not because I knew what I wanted to do or because I felt right about who I voted for...I just wanted to get it over with. I didn't want to decide anymore (because I really am not deciding anything, just checking a box) so I did it and it's over. If I voted today, I might have voted differently in the case of the presidential race, but honestly: it DID NOT MATTER what I put. My vote wouldn't count.

It's a powerless feeling. I resent it. I understand and agree with you. Either way, like you said waaaaaayyyy more eloquently, whoever wins: we are screwed.


My husband and I find that we are voting for who we believe is the lesser of evils and that our individual votes only really matter in local contests like school board and city council. We go and vote together and hope we did the right thing for our small community and we hope for the best in the bigger contests.


It IS hard when you feel like neither choice is a good choice. I felt more that way 4 years ago than I do this time. But I wonder how I'll feel 4 years from now. I don't trust politicians either and it does feel like our voice doesn't matter. Still ... how lucky are we that we even get to have a voice at all? I'm very grateful that we do. And our local votes count a great deal, which makes it worthwhile.

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