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Use Your Stuff Challenge #2: Die Cut Tags

More than a year ago (almost two, let's be honest!), I wrote a series of posts at Write. Click. Scrapbook. about using your scrapbook supplies (instead of hoarding them while you wait to find the perfect use for them until you wait so long you no longer love it). It's one of my favorite series I've written there because I really do try to use my stuff and not be bothered by the it's-not-new problem, or the I-want-to-be-trendy feeling. You can read them here:

Day 1 (patterned paper)
Day 2 (alphabets)
Day 3 (tools, like stamps and punches)
Day 4 (bits & pieces)
Day 5 (how organizing stuff makes it easier to use stuff)

After that post I wanted to do a regular feature on my blog: challenges to use your stuff.

And I did exactly one.

It's time to take up my goal again of a weekly Use Your Stuff Challenge.

This week's focus is on die cut tags. It seems like these used to come out as a part of every new line. I think they're not as common anymore, but I'll bet you have some in your stash. Some of them come on a sheet and you have to punch them out; others are in a package. Either way, find a few and use them! They are good for a variety of things:

  • write the date and/or place of the photos
  • arrange three or four similar ones in a block, then write your journaling across them
  • use them as the base for your title
  • create a collage of die cut tags as an embellishment
  • stamp, paint, or doodle on one (or a few)
  • use a circular one to replace an "o" or an "a" in your title

For my challenge layout, I used a round tag and a narrow one to make the letter "i":


Want to play along? Here's the challenge:

Make a layout using at least two die cut tags and some scraps of similarly-themed patterned paper.

Even though we are at the beach in this layout, I didn't want it to be about the beach. I just wanted to make something girly and pretty, so I used a bunch of floral patterned paper scraps.

Link me up if you play along!



I love that picture of you and Haley!!


So pretty! I always like to see something I have/had on someone else's pages - so happy when I spotted the flower tape!

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