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Tuesday, January 08, 2013



I, too, am no a fan of the mystery genre in books. I don't care for Flavia de Luce or Maisie Dobbs, and everyone RAVES about them. But I like the BBC series Sherlock, and I like mystery movies from time to time. Not sure what the difference is, but I guess mystery appeals to me on screen but not in print.


"Is my literary taste changing and am I heading down a doomed path toward gentle novels and fluffy LDS fiction?"

Best sentence ever!

(I tried to read Gone Girl but it was late at the library and I didn't love Nick and I thought Amy needed to be slapped upside the head and I couldn't really think about the Alzheimer's dad and so...I didn't finish it. But I kind of want to, even though you hated it and I wasn't super impressed just to see the twists and turns. And also: I hate that MarGO is just called Go. Dumb.)


Oh Amy, I am so glad you wrote this, I absolutely hated the book too. With a passion actually. I disliked all of the characters and there was just nothing redeeming. I actually felt such a strong sense of hatred and unease when I finished the book that I was mad I read it all along. You don't seem like you disliked it as much as I did but I remember feeling really mad afterwards.

As for the first hand experience, I am sure this is personal but, for me, the first hand experiences are still much more magical. I had read about the Sistine Chapel in high school and seen all the closeup photos but nothing compared to actually sitting in that room and seeing that incredible painting on the ceiling and the wall. The enormity of it, the smell of the room, the tint of the paint, even being there will all the other people dying to see it, feeling the crowd those details just didn't come through in any book or movie for me.


I'd like to try it just for fun. There's generally a place in my life for different genres- depends on my mood. And I am definitely old enough to decide for myself whether or not I like a book!

Anne Swenson

I agree with you...I didn't like the book...I didn't like anyone in the book and felt like it just ended...with no resolution! It did suck me in and keep me reading, but it wasn't enjoyable. Why do we keep reading when it gets yucky???


I love mystery and also get why some profess to like it but it certainly wasn't clever enough, well enough written, or special enough to make it to so many "Best of" lists. I was disappointed because of the awful language and worse characters. Definitely overhyped.


I read the book and am unable to figure out why/how it is so highly recommended. I thought it was dark and twisted. It had some nice twists that made me wonder what really was going on, but overall I did NOT like it and was glad to reach the end. (Speaking of "the end", I didn't really care for that either. Twisted...)

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