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January 2013 Goals

I love when words have several meanings that work together. Take the word "resolution," for example. It can mean a long-term goal. But it can also mean the solution to a problem. The meanings work together because the goal can solve a problem---if you follow through.

I'm working at being better on the follow-through.

I have some year-long goals for 2013. I need to revist my 2012 goals, to see how I did. And I've had my kids sit down to write some 2013 goals for themselves.

But I'm also trying to think smaller, in monthly goals that are pieces to the larger yearly goals. Here are my January 2013 goals:

  • Finish and submit my "You Aren't Having a Baby" essay (it is the submit part that I've failed at recently)
  • Get on top of these medical issues: Kendell's oral surgery, echos for the three Bigs, and a mammogram for me. (Did it yesterday, are you proud?)
  • Finish this cryptic project. (Again: yesterday. Notarized and mailed.)
  • Read the Ensign.
  • Renew my Writer's Digest and Poets and Writers subscriptions.
  • Write a December-2012-in-review blog post.
  • Scrapbook Christmas 2013 and 2009.
  • Finish Kaleb's and Jake's quilts.

What are your January goals?



Do 30 days of gratitude in my journal (this is to help me get through my homesickness for my missionary who left right before Christmas). Clean out filing cabinet. Rearrange bedrooms (ours and his).
Re-do recipe box. Order photos from last quarter of 2012. Organize family to help put together a calendar for missionary at the end of the year. Type up 2012 calendar items and family happenings.
Other things that are too boring to mention!
Some of these are completed- some are in the process. I'm on top of it! Of course I usually am in January.
And good for you- getting that mammogram out of the way so early in the year!


Thanks for the inspiration, Amy. I've posted my goals for the rest of January on my blog today.
Congratulations on finishing the project started in October - so good to get things that are difficult out of the way, isn't it!

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