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Friday, February 15, 2013



Made rice pudding for breakfast today and managed to get an egg on the floor. Then I spilled egg/milk mixture all down the counter and into some drawers.

Previously, I had some noddles and sauce in the microwave, took them out, and managed to get the whole thing all over the entire kitchen.

I love Taco Bell too.


The biggest disaster in my kitchen is that my dishwasher quit working. I'm feeling very good about that after reading your post.


None lately, but I can relate since I'm often a mess in the kitchen. Can also relate to the love of TB. When they stopped offering the tostada several years ago, I actually wrote a letter to the powers that be requesting them to bring back my favorite item on the menu. So thankful that they did. I also love the Mexican pizza. Wondering what your favorite item is on the menu.


Two recent kitchen disasters:
*My husband made our favorite cake for the Valentine's Day ward dessert bake-off. For some reason the cake ended up dense and yucky and not one person voted for the cake.
*I made chili for my husband's work chili cook-off. He was sick & I was willing so I did it. Everything went great until I threw it in the pressure cooker. I added an extra 1/2-cup of water because ... I don't know but it ended up steaming the chili meat & it was very bad. Eight cups are still sitting in the fridge and will get thrown away.

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