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Use Your Stuff #7: Really, Just Use It!

March 2013 WCS Sneak Peek

Today I'm working on a project for Write Click Scrapbook, my March gallery contribution. I'm at the stage where I'm thinking gah, this is so not coming together like I wanted it to but I get that way with every project (scrapbook layout, essay, quilt) I make, so hopefully this is just a phase.

Or maybe I'll scrap half of it and go with more neutral tones, and that will be OK too. I'm using scraps for almost all of it anyway!

Here's a picture:

Wcs march sneak

And some other blogs with sneaks:






Lisa O.


hmmmmm....seeing everyone else's wonderful stuff makes me think I might need to push myself a bit more!

Happy scrapping!


Christine N

Excited to see your project, Amy!

Amy Coose

You'll produce something amazing, like always! Can't wait to see!

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