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Sunday, February 24, 2013


Janeal Smith

I just barely emerged from the "three teenagers" stage of my life...my oldest daughter turned 20 last month. I continually feel that same desperate yearning for a lasting relationship with each of them. This summer my daughter will get married, my son will graduate from high school and immediately leave on a mission, and my youngest has built up a very high teenager wall. The lady in the scrapbook store was absolutely correct, teenagers do take a toll on your self esteem and soul. I pray every day that each of them will want to "fly back" to me someday. Thank you for sharing your life experiences. I relate to so much of what you write, it touches my heart and helps me not to feel quite so alone. I think a good cry might be just what I need too.


Ah, big hugs. This post scares me - I am so close to having a teenager! You have great kids, but even great kids can be hard on their parents. Hang in there!


I know these words may see empty, but it will be okay. The efforts you make now, even though they seem in vain, will come back tenfold when your kids are a little older. Just hang on and love them now. Try to believe me!!


I know that feeling, that they will fly but won't fly back. You are the Mama and always will be, and they will always love you, each in their own way. It's hard, isn't it, to push them out of the nest? I dreaded it for so long, and it happened last August. My one and only child left for college halfway across the country. He's not available to Skype every week, and I go days without hearing from him, but the long, tight hug I get when he walks back in the door speaks volumes. We may not have the relationship I want, just like my relationship with my mom is not the relationship I want. But I know he will always love me. It's up to me to make sure we keep the connection, and I will. And though sometimes I'll cry, as you probably will too, I will be so proud of this adult I had a part in making and raising. Life is about change. I know you wish you could freeze time and keep them with you. But if you did that you'd miss the joys of knowing and liking them as adults. You'd miss grandchildren and the other joys to come. All you can do is love them, make memories with them and then set them free. My thoughts are with you.

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