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Friday, March 15, 2013



I'm especially looking forward to reading your blog posts about 1. and 2.

Stephanie W

Can't wait to "hear" about your writing success. It is long overdue.

Becky K

Soooooo sorry about the cold. I am glad you are feeling better - and that you took time off to read and sleep to feel better. I love sick days (but not the being sick part!)

BTW: You looked beautiful on Saturday. I loved your shirt - so elegant!

Hope you have a good day at work today.


Here's a distraction then! I have a friend who is almost 40, totally active, and has never spoken in church. She just says no. I definitely get nervous but enjoy it as well.

I will take the time to enjoy my bathing beauties. I have smiled as Henry has enjoyed taking baths with Daniel. It was like I forced him to grow up too fast because he so enjoys all the toys and bubbles and being with the baby. And Daniel squeals in delight.

I'm intrigued about your writing. Don't feel lame. That is powerful!


Mary Wesley (Camomile Lawn, amongst other titles) wasn't published until she was 57, and her first novel for adults wasn't published until she was 71. You've got a 17 year head start!


Ahhh Amy ~ so excited to hear about the writing success!

And I wish my teenage son would wipe down and clean my pantry - that was my job this week and I absolutely hated it!

I hate speaking in church too, but have never turned it down. I just become a stressed out mess the entire week before and go over the talk about 500 times before giving it, only to stand in front of the congragation and read it word for word right off the paper because I am so terribly uncomfortable speaking in front of others! :)

Good thing - just ran my 1st half 2 wks ago... ran a pace that I was proud of. Heading out for my first 14 mile run in the morning.


I don't actually have anything to say... so how about, "Hey! I was here!"

Chris S.

Oooh!! :) We need to get together soon. Don't think I can wait for future posts to hear more!


Writing success??!! I can't wait to hear more.

And I'm super anxious to hear more about "Into Thin Air".

I spoke in church yesterday. I'm like you, I usually kinda like it. But the topic I had (following commandments because of faith NOT because we want to be obedient) was really hard for me. The Bishopric member couldn't really explain what he wanted me to speak on, which made it really hard to prepare for. But...I think I managed to pull it all together. I am always surprised when people say they won't speak. Its like with callings...I didn't know you could say "no". :-)


Can't wait to hear more about the writing success... that is, when you CAN tell us more!

Aren't they saying that FORTY is the new THIRTY anyways? ;)

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