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Wednesday, March 06, 2013



Hugs, to you both.



This could be my story- except that I'm Becky and I found a friend (not a blood sister) who had gone through the same thing and helped me a lot. We were both shocked to find out how similar our situations were. We cried for each other. It is so sad to hear that someone else is going through this but yet so nice to have someone to share it with.
I'm glad that you and Becky have each other.


I was just talking to my husband about this last night (not about sweet Becky as I don't know what happened) but about how lonely it is to deal with sorrow yourself and how are we supposed to "mourn with those that mourn" and "comfort those in need of comfort" if we all keep our woes and heartache private? I am married to a private person and so I'm aware of the differences in personality when it comes to dealing with stress, sorrow, grief etc. and know that some people don't feel comfortable sharing but just as you so eloquently explained, sharing...even with one person...takes some of the awful lonely weight away. I'm so glad Becky has you and I hope you both find your loads easier to bear with eachother's help.


As the former comment stated, and I totally agree with her (Lucy) choice of words, you "so eloquently explained" (an unknown situation) in this post. I admire your writing and really hope that you DO write/publish a book (as you had hinted that you are working on) because I really enjoy your writing style and your blog.

Lovely post.


Monika Wright

Your gifts to us all are more than just words, they are also of your kind, knowing, caring, compassionate soul.

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