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Thursday, March 07, 2013



You know - I only scrapbook digitally now, but this is still a great idea because I'm always collecting bits of elements or paper or new websites, etc. etc. and they easily get lost in the shuffle. I'm going to try this!


I too like this idea. I've been trying to use up stuff but the new items in a basket sounds good to me so I don't loose it like you said.


Wanting things to be perfect IS a major obstacle to creativity! I sat there staring at a query to an agent yesterday for a whole half hour because I wasn't sure the letter was perfect enought (will it entice the reader to want to read my manuscript?). Finally, my husband convinced me to just press send. I'm still expecting rejection (I keep being told over and over how long this process usually takes), but at least I took some action which is better than no action, right?

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