"Even if Everyone Hates You, Your Mom Always Loves You."
It Goes Like This, the Fourth, The Fifth


A little tiny graphic novel.

A little bit of drama over my printer eating the perfectly-misted cardstock I’d carefully dried under books for two days.

Lots of late nights spent happily playing with my favorite scrapbooking products.

35+ new layouts.

A bajillion ideas discovered in the flurry of creativity that a deadline brings on.

All of that, plus letter stickers!

One of my favorite Big Picture Classes Workshops, Textuality, is about to start up again.

Unlike my other BPC workshops, this one isn’t about writing. Well, there might be just a tiny bit of writerly advice thrown in. But mostly it’s about supplies. Text-based supplies to be more specific.

It’s like an ode to letter stickers.

A paean to fonts.

An homage to quotations, a tribute to titles, an accolade to cool journaling formats.

I loved putting the course materials together. And I’ll be secretly happy dancing every day I teach the class.

I hope you’ll join me in learning how to get all those alpha products out of your stash and onto your layouts!


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