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Monday, August 19, 2013



I've been reading your blog for a long time and I think this is the first time I've ever commented...
Thank you for this lovely post. My daughters will be headed back to college in less than 2 weeks ~ one as a senior and the other as a sophomore. Every year at this time I get very sentimental and weepy. It's still very hard to let them go. I too am torn between letting them fly and wanting to relive those sweet days of childhood.
The first couple of weeks are the hardest but then we settle back into our new normal. Thank you again for the beautiful words ~ wishing you peace as you adjust to this transition...


Beautiful post Amy!!! Thank you for helping me realize and do better at appreciating the little things with my kiddos. I can't imagine how you're feeling, because I'm struggling with the thought of sending my oldest to 1st grade and it being ALL day. We're both at different stages but thank you for sharing and reminding me to appreciate what I've got right now!!! Thoughts and hugs sent your way!!! I'll bring you balloons and things if you want?!?!? ;) Love ya friend!!!


Hugs. My good friend here is really struggling with her oldest leaving for the MTC tomorrow and she feels like a horrible mom for not being happy and excited. I think it's perfectly normal and ok to mourn the end of a career, and you have made a career out of raising your daughter. Of course, that career isn't really over. She will still need you as her mother and friend the rest of your life, but the nitty gritty daily work of clothing and feeding and sheltering and shuttling and scolding and enforcing is over and...it's sad. I see it. I can already predict the emotion in my own life. How exciting for Haley and her new nightstand but the really beautiful thing is she will always have her metaphorical nightstand at the ready too. Hugs.

Jamie Bocanegra

I totally get it.

Kary in Colorado

Oh yes. I remember waking up on the morning we were to drive home to Colorado after installing our oldest in his dorm room at BYU in tears. I was so happy for him and that he was where he wanted to be, proud of who he was (an not a little scared because I wasn't sure if he'd love or absolutely hate BYU), but I realized that the tears were mourning for his childhood. It was over, I was done, all the things I had planned to do and never quite gotten to--well, those were no longer a possibility. Such a bittersweet time. It brings tears to my eyes even now and he turned 30 ten days ago! Welcome to a new (and yes, wonderful) phase of motherhood.

Kary in Colorado

Whoops, should have written that first sentence a bit better!


I have to say as I read your post I also shed a few tears. I struggle with the "giving room and letting go" issue with my daughter, who is 13, often. I am acutely aware that these moments will come with more frequency as time marches on, and these days that march seems to be at a good clip. I try earnestly to live in the moment with her as much as possible, but of course I always fail. Then I come across a moment like we had this evening at dinner, where we both ended up giggling about a shared experience, and I knew, right then, I was exactly where I needed to be. It was a nonsense moment, like finding crayons, or horses, or hair clips, but yet it was the most important moment because it was made up of what really mattered, not cluttered by everything else. It was pure, like your daughter's night stand. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reconsider it tonight and to give it the perspective and importance it deserves.


If you don't ever publish it will be an absolute shame. I felt every word of this ... deeply ... enough that it made me cry right here at work ... and I don't even have any children. I'm so glad you write with such honesty and candor. I learn from you.


I totally get where you're coming from, my 2 oldest boys are senior and sophomore in college and the worst part is always coming home to their rooms after dropping them off. I always cry when I leave them even though I'm happy and proud of the men they are becoming but I so miss the little boys they were. Every mom I've ever talked to has always been undone by the empty room, in my case it's always the made up bed cause really that's the only time it's ever made - when they're not coming back to it for months. Hang in there cause in a few weeks (and yes it will take at least that long) you will adjust to your "new normal", I don't necessarily love it but I adjust to it and then when they come back home you will love having them there (and to show how pathetic I am I actually love when they all bicker now!)

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