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Saturday, August 17, 2013



Have been horribly scarred by reading Kate Atkison's Emotionally Weird which I loathed, but after reading your review, might just give Life after Life a go (will have to see how long our hold list is...).

And yes, you are not alone in having the why-did-I-ever-marry-him days; but working through them has got us to our 29th anniversary (yesterday). Feel fairly positive about making it to our 30th!


Yes, again, you're not alone in those why-did-I-ever-marry-him sentiments. I often dream of a different life if I would have married someone from my church of origin. Everything would be different. My children would have been brought up differently. They would have had a more similar life to the one I grew up in. But, like your previous commenter, working through the regretful days has led to a significant achievement of 23 years together, so I try to push the what-ifs aside (notice I said try). And I think it is probably a blessing that God didn't choose to give me someone comfortable and easy, where I wouldn't have been challenged so intensely.


this was interesting to read. i read that book a while ago and i had mixed feelings about it. I didn't hate it (like i did gone girl) but i also wasn't awed by it for some reason. Maybe because none of the characters truly stayed with me long after and that's one of my measures of a good book. But i did keep thinking about it which is also a sign i spose :)

I just read The Lake and The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells. Both of which I really enjoyed. Currently listening to The Orphan Master's Son which is proving challenging and reading Mr. Fox which is kinda cute.

And there you go. As for your story with Kendall, part of me believes that he would have had another opportunity to meet you and you two would have ended up together anyway. but i know i'm a bit crazy like that :)


I felt frustrated reading Life After Life because I completely understood that Atkinson's goal in writing it was for us readers to have the exact kind of experience and emotional wonder that you had: to think about the "what if"s and trajectory tugs our personalities take us regardless of those small, call-in-sick-to-work kinds of decisions that can pivot whole life experiences. However, I only felt let down by Atkinson's refusal to risk leaving the comfort of Fox Corner and writing any of the secondary characters differently. I wrote in my review that I felt like she couldn't decide if she believed in the Butterfly Effect or Fate.

Anyways, I loved how you wrote your story. You pulled me right into your story, peach fuzzy sweater and white stretch pants and all. :)

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