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Tuesday, August 06, 2013



I hope you stay involved in scrapbooking. I love your style and really love that it is less about the stuff and more about the story. I know you inspire more people than you realize.


I don't mean to presume that I know you in any way, but your statement that you and your style may not be too relevant to scrapbooking any longer caused me to pause. It's always about the story. The pictures help tell it and the baubles make it more visually interesting, but it's the story, long or short, that makes scrapbooking important. The story gives context to the photos, and heart to the images. It is the story that is missing from so many photos that were taken long ago of people who are long ago gone, and it is that story that we will never know. The story is why I scrapbook. I hope to leave behind a legacy to those unknown people who might find it, or a guide book to my daughter in a dark time. Sure, the techniques and the adornments may change, but the stories are always relevant to those that they are meant for, so your scrapbooking will always be important, regardless of what the industry does.


I, too, love that your scrapbooking is all about the story behind the photos.

We have two giant snakes in our back yard at the moment, near the creek, and it is making me nervous (because I don't know what kind of snake and what if one of the boys get bitten - like my curious middle son who has to be right in the middle of the action and thinks nothing bad will ever happen). I'll go back to just simple garter snakes, thank you!

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