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Stuff I Learned Last Week:

  • Sometimes it's easier to just take vacation time than to get your whole department worked up because you're trying to switch schedules with someone.
  • It is so much easier to pack everyone for a trip when everyone has a good bag of his/her own. (Also, Ogio bags are pretty awesome, despite my initial wish for a pretty bag instead of a functional one distrust.)
  • Haley and I really should've gone to the Nordstrom sale way, way earlier than 4 days before the end.
  • But! Like last year, we found way more stuff (and much better prices anyway) at the Rack. Trust precedence!
  • Write down the restaurants you want to visit if you're going to south-east Idaho, rather than thinking you can use the bookmarks on your phone while you're driving. Phone service is spotty there. Spotty at best.
  • Mesa Falls in Idaho? Pretty amazing. (Pics to follow when I can cope with all 700 I took on our trip.)
  • Small restaurants in tiny towns have a hard time dealing with 18 people showing up all at once. Plan to wait for a long, long time, and order ice cream at the same time as your meal or you'll wait even longer. (Or just skip the ice was mediocre.)
  • Floating down the Snake River is transcendent, while sitting on the very tip of the raft's nose during class-3 rapids is terrifying but exhilarating.
  • I still miss my mother-in-law and I have a pocket of anger at the Universe or God or Whatever Took Her Away Too Soon.
  • I don't have that same angry pocket over my father-in-law's death. Having the time to say goodbye makes a huge difference.
  • The Tetons are just as awe-inspiring as I remember.
  • Traveling with family is fun but complicated. Pack a lot of patience.
  • You notice things about your kids when you travel with them that you don't see any other way.
  • Traveling with one missing kid (in this case, Haley, who couldn't get off from work) makes things feel both more spacious and more lonely. I kept trying to keep track of four kids instead of three and then feeling sad when I remembered I only had three with me—and that that is going to be our new normal.
  • My kids are pretty amazing. My husband found some great stuff for us to do on our trip. And even three times in one week is not too much eating at Taco Bell—although, BK does make a pretty delicious ice-cream Sunday. (We did eat at other places besides fast food...)

How was your week?



Just a will take a while for the hole your daughter leaves when she goes to college to go away!! It was a big adjustment for me with my first and continues to be as more leave the nest. Just remind yourself how miserable they would be at home instead of at college. That helps you put it in perspective. Good luck with it. It's all good!!

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