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A Quick Weekly

  • on Sunday morning, Haley came home. She spent most of the time with her boyfriend, but she did come to the family party we had at my sister's house. I was glad she could be there and see everyone! It was a usual party...good food, kids swimming, and grown ups talking. But it was something I didn't know I needed. I love seeing my family! I made a chocolate cake and a coconut cake; not many takers on the latter because it doesn't look very appealing—just sort of a dry-ish looking bundt cake. If you take a chance on a slice, though, oh my: delicious.
  • on Monday, Haley and Adam took Kaleb to Seven Peaks. I went for a long walk while Kendell worked out at the gym, and then we all went home and just sort of vegged. We got our carpets cleaned a few days earlier and I was still working on getting everything put back together. (Who am I kidding? I'm still working on it!)
  • on Tuesday I tried to console Nathan. He neeeeeeeeeds new jeans desperately, but holy cow: it is HARD to find 28 32 jeans! I finally ordered some online, but who knows if they'll really fit? Tall and skinny: good, until you have to buy pants.
  • on Wednesday, I did one of my favorite things: went shopping for fabric. Now that the kids are all rearranged into different rooms, Nathan needs a new quilt. I still have two others I need to finish before I start his, but I couldn't resist the shopping once I figured out what I wanted to do. I love picking out patterns and coordinating colors for a quilt—it might be my favorite part of the process!
  • on Thursday I ran a ton of errands, including meeting Kendell at the mall. They'd had a barbeque for lunch at his work, so he brought me a half of a hamburger, a half of a hot dog, and a scoop of potato salad. Which sounds like I was eating off his leftovers...and, ok, I was, but they still tasted good! Later that afternoon, we did some other errands together, and everywhere we went there was a new rainbow. Kendell was a little bit annoyed that I kept on insisting we stop so I could photograph (with my cell phone!) the rainbows, but they were making me happy so I didn't care:
    This was my favorite rainbow, as it stretched from Buffalo Peak, across Squaw Peak, over Rock Canyon, and then ended at the Y Mountain summit. All of which are places I love to hike!
  • on Friday we went to dinner with some friends. We sat at our table at Red Lobster for nearly four hours, just talking. It was great! (We left a big tip to compensate.) Trips to Red Lobster for all-you-can-eat shrimp (for Kendell, I think seafood is disgusting): a sure sign that fall is here!
  • on Saturday, I had this post up on Write. Click. Scrapbook. That morning, there were no kids in the house. Jake was at a meeting for work, and Nathan and Kaleb went to the ward campout with some neighbors. A house without any kids is becoming a more regular occurence lately and it's just so strange! I realized at 8:30 that the baby shower I still needed to make a gift for actually started at 10:00, not 1:00. Luckily I can whip out a simple baby quilt in three hours, including the time to wash and dry it! It was in Salt Lake, so Kendell went up with me and then we went to lunch at Lone Star Taqueria. They have the most delicious tamales! When we got home that afternoon, the clouds were starting to gather, and about 5:00 we had the most awesome rain storm hit. The wind was ferocious and the rain poured. Two hours of rain is so uncommon here in Utah! Our power went out; Jake went to work and then Kaleb & Nathan went outside to play in the rain. I sat by the window and re-read the first Harry Potter novel.

Funny...when I sat down to write this, I didn't think there was anything to note about this week! Guess there's always something.



What a lovely week you've had. Here's to more lovely weeks ahead for you!


It sounds like a fun and productive week. I am curious about the baby quilt that you can whip up in 3 hours???


I'm thinking about re-reading the first HP novel (or perhaps the first 3 - all of which I read years ago). Did you whip that off in one day?

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