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Gratitude #1: He Makes me Laugh

Right Now

trying to get myself to start working on all of the 1561 photos I took on my trip.

thinking about routines and how I don't want to slip back into some of my old ones.

processing some writing ideas.

loving that all of autumn didn't pass by while I was in Italy. My valley is beautiful!

loving, in fact, where I live, even though it's not really fancy and big-city and a cultural mecca for anything. Sometimes you have to leave just to see what you love. I am so happy to see my mountains again!

hoping for good report cards next week for all three boys.

reaquainting myself with my real life (read: lots of laundry, some big school projects to help with, all of the organization projects I left until after the trip)

adjusting (still!) from jet lag.

pondering the timing of the traditional Halloween sugar cookies. Also, we haven't bought any pumpkins yet!

leaving for the fabric store so I can finish Kaleb's Halloween costume today.

How is life in your world right now?



Welcome back! :)

Jamie Bocanegra

we don't have any pumpkins carved yet either! can't believe it and we're going to the play tomorrow night so no FHE activity of carving pumpkins this year... usually how we do it...

AAAHHHHH How can it be Halloween already??/

That's how it's going! :)
p.s. it is a beautiful fall. We took a sunday walk in the fallen leaves today. so much fun!

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