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Saturday, November 09, 2013


Heather Hoyt

That article in the New York Times was not very well thought out. I think you hit the nail on the head a lot better. I agree with you. As a Mormon and a writer, I think I tried to ignore my religion for a long time in what I wrote. And then I woke up and realized I couldn't do that. But I don't write literary fiction, I write genre fiction. And for me, it's a better way to explore those things I want to explore--to explore religion without having to deal with the constraints of reality.


First of all, I *love* Asher Lev, the first and sequel. It was our very first book club read and we had such a wonderful discussion--much of which related to the Mormon culture and opinions about art and how those in Asher Lev were both similar but so, so different.

Secondly, I totally can see the point of that NYT article (and your post); it's actually one of the reasons I'm a little hesitant to delve into "real" writing. My story doesn't wrap up with a nice cheery bow at the end.

Excellent post, thanks for sharing.



This is a great topic. I've mulled over LDS fiction for years without having a way to really describe how I feel about it. Now that I've read your thoughts, I understand what is missing and what has not sat quite right with me over the years. I haven't read much of it, myself, either, so I, too, haven't explored it thoroughly and tend to generalize. One thing I've found interesting from what I see in the Deseret and Seagull Book ads is that there are a lot of books by LDS authors about murder. What is that all about??? (I haven't read any of them, so really, I want to know what that's all about!)


Mmmm. Good thoughts, good questions.

I loved Asher Lev, too.

Pamela K.

I feel that a book written by a Mormon that is "keeping it real" so to speak would be very refreshing to fellow Mormons who want to read books in this genre. It may even help a non-LDS like myself understand your faith more and perhaps break down barriers between LDS and other Christian denominations.

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