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Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Becky K

I giggled at the Naked Statue comment, but I feel the intent of your post here. It is ridiculous how intent people are in keeping everything the same, tax-wise, but insist on recieving the same, and often more, services. No there isn't a magic money fairy who will allow these things to happen. And the books that come from the library aren't free - the person just gets to borrow them. But the actual LIBRARY has to buy them from an actual service that sells books.

It's so disheartening to see. What a crappy result from the election this year. I'm tired of everyone saying "there has to be another way!" and then not knowing what that "other way" is.

I love you having your library job, but it's a shame you can never have a raise in pay. Shameful.


This is the best post I think I've ever read on the importance of understanding the issues and voting for them.

I'm so sorry for the bum results, I really hope things don't all turn into a worst case scenario for you.



I think a lot of people vote against tax increases on principle every time - no matter what the issue. I see both sides. We had several tax issues on our ballot, one, a state-wide increase in income tax to change the way our schools are funded and it failed and I was sad because, the truth is, the current formula for school funding is based in property taxes and that revenue has steadily decreased over the past 5 years, making schools cut or run on a deficit. It's not like I want to pay more in taxes, because we pay so much and the very government that needs money also seems to hate us for making it and I don't get that attitude. I don't get the warfare and us vs. them rhetoric. So, a lot of people I know voted against it and I get them. I get their mentality too. But, the schools lose. And that makes me sad.

I love libraries. For the free books and for the fact that it allows all the same access to the same information to everyone in the world. Good job, thankless librarian. Good job and I adore you.

P.S. I buy a lot of books too;) But, some books are definitely not "to keep", right?

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