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Monday, January 27, 2014


Becky K

My 10, off the cuff, with some notes:

1. Achtung Baby - U2. The first CD I owned. I still have it - it has a paper CD cover that folds out. That being said....

2. Ahk-tung Baby: I love this cover. Like you, there are songs on it that I love more than the original. So Cruel is my favorite U2 song whether it is sung by U2 or Depeche Mode. I also love the Killers' cover and The White Stripes cover of Love is Blindness. It is exquisite in it's longing, especially when you pair it with the images from the Great Gatsby movie that included it in its soundtrack.

3. Sarah Mclachlan Fumbling Towards Ecstacy - my first Sarah CD. I listened to it over and over for an entire semester my first year back from Virginia.

4. Pink Floyd The Wall. I had a tape of the Wall that was always on; I had a person get in my car once and ask me if I was ever not listening to it. Every word of every song is imprinted on my soul, I swear.

5. Little Earthquakes - Tori. It's true - I hated her, until I didn't. Angie (my roomie in VA) had it and we used to walk around Blacksburg singing it as we froze our butts off in the cold (because the boys we hung out with disliked giving us rides back to campus.) China and Little Earthquakes and Silent all these Years and Tear in your hand and Precious Things; all just so perfect I can't even put it into words.

6. The Cure - Disintegration is all about a boy my junior year. yeah.

7. Donovan - it's a little old hippie CD but it reminds me of being young and rebellious and wanting to fit into a culture that had had its heyday 5 years before I was born. Good times.

8. Janis Joplin - Greatest Hits. I bought the CD in Smith's on 900 & 2100 South in SLC in 1994 with a boyfriend who was no good for me. I still have the CD - Thank heaven the boy is long gone.

9. Counting Crows - August and Everything, and This Desert Life. Both are totally different time periods in my life and times, but they are perfect little vehicles to take me back to the day.

10. Steve Miller Band - I can't say much about this one, but yeah. It takes me back. (Although, on a different event than the one I was originally thinking, I once used a line out of a SMB song that still makes me laugh. I was going with Rebecca and Cindy to Moab my senior year. Mom wasn't excited about the trip but wasn't stopping me. As she told me goodbye she threw the "Remember who you are" comment back at me. As she shut the door, I said to the closed door "I'm a smoker, I'm a joker...." It was funny at the time.)

I could have also included: The Doors, some Grateful Dead (but just for nostalgia; I wasn't really into the music, just the scene, lol.), Yaz, Erasure, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Florence + the Machine (she is probably my very favorite artist right now), Adele, Jesus and Mary Chain, Berlin. Ah, man! This is the longest comment EVER but it was so fun.

Thanks for sharing. And: I still am scarred by all the times I had to hear Music for the Masses coming out of your room. Seriously, I can't think of 8th grade without hearing it. I love your list because I remember you listening to so many of those early bands. It sort of forced me to have the similar taste in music.

Ok. I'm stopping now. xoxo

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