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Friday, March 28, 2014



My three oldest (in their 30s) all read and liked Game of Thrones but since they are all really into history, I figured it was historical. Now that I find out it's fantasy, I'm surprised. Guess I don't know my kids all that well. No, I haven't read it nor watched the tv shows. Not sure if I want to read it but I wouldn't be averse to trying to watch it.


Under other circumstances it's the sort of thing I might watch/read, but I'm just not up for it. I thought my husband might want to check it out, but he hasn't seemed to be interested.

Nick Sorensen

Both. I read the first one in the 1990s when there was only one volume in the series. It's been so long between books that I've tended to forget all the complicated stuff that's gone before. (What's Ramsey Snow's backstory, again?) More than I expected, I'm hooked on the television series in all its unsuitability. It has the same kind of weight as the books, though--they're going to need to find somebody I can root for. Maybe Tyrion. Just having big things happening isn't enough if everybody's loathsome to some degree. As in the books, I have trouble getting into the dragon lady.

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