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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Feisty Harriet

This idea is so intriguing, I have faults, for sure, and strengths....but in most ways, they are the opposite ones of my mother, which doesn't mean I am more in line with my father. It means the things my Mom did/didn't do that I hated the most I made conscious choices to change in my own behavior when I was very young, like, junior high or younger kind of young. It's not a perfect world, but no one has ever ever told me "oh, you're just like your mother!" or "you remind me so much of your mother!" and, for me, that has been a blessing.

(Between the lines: don't like or get along with my Mom at all, whatsoever, not one little bit.)



I came back to let you know I read this. I thought it was a little "meh" overall. But I liked at the end when the old lady told Radley that Celia would be a good mother because of how Radley treated her. That will stay with me, and it follows up the conversation you noted in your post.

Also... I didn't know that Radley was a female until about half-way through the book. Weird?


I read this book yesterday and couldn't put it down. I thought it was very cool that the author included her own photographs- and that they were taken from the actual route that Radley took to Canada.

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