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Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Feisty Harriet

I really liked this book, and yes, I was also kind of annoyed about the shoes, but in the end, don't we often have to make do with what we have? Even if it's painful or uncomfortable or less than ideal?

We read this for book club last year and I just loved how many people loved it! I think I like Maureen as much--if not more--than Harold, and how she changed and blossomed and really came into her own was so....human. I loved it.



This sounds really good! My list of books to read keeps growing lately and I love it!! I've been a reading oasis lately. It is heaven!

And I liked what Harriet said about just using what you have been given in life.


yey I am so glad you liked it! I know the author has a new novel out, too and I am looking forward to reading it :)


Just picked up the audio of this at the library yesterday. Must finish "The Namesake" first, but then, I'm looking forward to listening to this book as I walk.

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